Orto de Prouvènço: Oshadhi’s Aroma Sanctuary in the Heart of Nature

Let us take you on a tour through our magical place in Provence.

Orto de Prouvènço means “Large Garden” in Provençal, the old language of Provence. It is our aromatherapy seminar center located in High Provence (France), one hour by car north-east of Avignon.

On the outskirts of Aurel, a charming Provençal village, you will find our wonderful property consisting of 4 typical stone buildings with 25 guest rooms, surrounded by 150 acres of Lavender fields and forests. This place, along with a beautiful view overlooking an incredible landscape, offers a very unique setting for our seminars.

Indeed, it has both the power and silence of pure Nature. On the one hand expressed through the spectacular view where the green of the pine and oak forests combines with the colors of the limestone rocks and the surrounding mountains. And on the other, it is also a place where you can feel all the peace, the softness and the generosity of Mother Earth through the many delicate healing fragrances floating in the air.

The beauty of the aromatic gardens with their numerous medicinal plants, the many sun terraces to relax, all the lively silence embedded in a joyful, creative atmosphere of international guests from all continents make you feel at home immediately.

CYprès terrasse

An Ideal Seat for Knowledge

When you arrive at Orto de Prouvènço, you are transformed instantly by the power of an untouched environment of pure Nature. Orto is a true “aromatic jewel” – it is above all dedicated to the spread of knowledge for those who are interested in working with essential oils and want to strengthen or build a connection with the plant kingdom and its magic. 

The teachings are given by trained international lecturers with many years of experience in Aromatherapy and the therapeutic use of medicinal plants and essential oils. With a richness of instructors and a variety of seminar subjects, one is given a broad range of understanding with a deep focus on the highest knowledge. This provides a very complete approach to aromatherapy including all the different theoretical and practical aspects of using essential oils.

During a seminar, you explore different healing practices, learn about the scientific as well the spiritual background of Aromatherapy, wander around in Nature in order to smell, see, touch the many essential oil plants of the area, meet exceptional people, tour around with us among the most scenic hilltop villages and traditional small towns in a unique aromatic journey…Yes, you will discover a world filled with colors, sweetness and the characteristic joy of life of this province. And all this with the goal of connecting deeply with the spirit of Nature and to return home enriched and entranced by Provence.

This land is by far Europe’s densest medicinal plant area where more than 40 different essential oils are produced all year round. That is why our tours include visits to local distilleries where you will see how plants are sublimely transformed into essential oils…And you also have the chance to explore an ancient sacred place in the middle of a forest where you’ll be guided to feel and connect with the power and healing energies of Nature…

A Transformative Experience

Our seminars are organized around lectures and excursions which will give you unforgettable impressions of the richness and very special beauty of Provence. That is the reason why a seminar in Orto de Prouvènço is always a transformative experience. Afterwards you will feel rejuvenated and will leave with a holistic and rich vision on how you can more often invite essential oils into your personal or professional practice of Aromatherapy.

As you walk through this land swimming in the magnificent colors and sounds of this timeless landscape you are able to see far beyond the surface and find a part of yourself you may never have imagined. This is our Orto and this is why we have enjoyed sharing this with thousands of guests for over 20 years…

If you feel drawn to be part of this experience, please visit our website at: www.oshadhiseminars.com

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