Aromatherapy Shining a New Light on Cancer – Part 1

Cancer has become one of the major threats for the health and well being of our modern societies. There are over 12 million new cancer cases annually and over 7 million cancer-related deaths every year in the world. Facing this challenge it is high time to remember the age-old alliance of mankind with the kingdom of plants.

If we want to make the next steps in our evolution on Earth, we have to find our way back to Nature and use her wisdom imbedded in the medicinal plants time-tested over hundreds of millions of years.It is true: We have to re-define our relationship with Nature and expose ourselves again to her incredible magic. Plants, human beings and the Sun are primordial partners in the development and maintenance of life on planet Earth. Do you remember? “In the beginning was the light“, say the old texts – and it is this unfathomable light which led to the myriads expressions of life in the universe.

We know today, every living thing around us is made of light, sound and structures in various frequencies. Physicists studying subatomic particles know that when you look deeply enough into the heart of matter, you find the entire universe is made of vibration and light.

What did Albert Einstein say? “Concerning matter, we have been all wrong. What we have called matter is really energy whose vibration has been lowered as to be perceptible to the senses. There is no matter, there is only light and sound.” We are all living in an ocean of vibrating and fluctuating energy fields.

Plant medicine of our ancestors throughout history has ever been connected to the subtle realms of Nature where healing was first of all an act of restoring and rebalancing the subtle energy and vitality in the human system.

Process of Photosynthesis

Essential oils are capable of realigning us with these elementary energy fields of Nature since they originate from a very subtle level of vegetal existence. They are the direct result of the „communication“ of the plant with the cosmic forces through what is called „photosynthesis“.

Photosythesis can only happen when the cosmic energy of the Sun interacts with the plant‘s hidden molecuar structures in order to give rise to the manifold compounds which structure the physical basis of all essential oils. Thanks to their chlorophyll plants act like photonic power blocks capturing the energy of the Sun and transforming his light into biochemical energy.

When disease and illness are present, they may manifest as chemical imbalances. But underlying this is an electro-magnetic imbalance that has altered the specific vibrational frequencies of molecules, cells, tissues and organs within the body. Properly “retuning” the body to its original frequency brings it into balance and restores its natural harmonic resonance – illness either doesn’t manifest or is resolved.

To restore the energy of the system and target the underlying causes of this devitalization has to be the major focus in any successful Cancer therapy.

After decades of research on the causes of Cancer with dozens of approaches – some of them highly speculative, others highly “allopathic” – we have amazing evidence in the meantime that Cancer is basically a problem of a depletion of our “field energy” on the more subtle levels of the human system.

Since essential oils are the result of a cosmic interaction of plants with the sun representing bio-photonic energies or energies of light we can use Aromatherapy in manifold ways to rekindle the inner vitality, the inner AGNI (Ayurveda) in us. Let us not forget: Each drop of an essential oil is liquid energy of cosmic Light. Each drop can nurture every cell in our body with 40 000 molecules of pure bio-photonic energy. Let‘s rather say again: with PRANA or Chi, the intelligent life force in the Universe. „Living molecules“ of volatile fragrance for enhancing vital energies in man.

Plants are the great “survivors” in the game of hundreds of millions of years of evolution on Earth. And they developed thousands of “tricks” or better to say: defence mechanisms to face the challenges of enemies of all kinds such as animals, esp. insects, fungi, bacteria, viruses, parasites. … Essential oils were and are one of their most successful weapons in their endless battles for survival. Why not use more of these time tested strategies of the plant Kingdom in our own survival theme on Earth? Do we really need millions of years to win our battle of evolution?

Unveiling the Roots of Cancerous Disease

Science has shown us today that the best chances to vanquish Cancer are by means of a “multiple approach” strategy which includes changes of habits in life style, diet, behaviour, psychology. … On top of this, the use of medicinal plants and essential oils can be a major factor of success in a “turn-around” crisis triggered via a serious disease like Cancer.

Ayutthaya, Thailand, head of Buddha statue in the tree roots at Wat Mahathat temple.

As to cancer: A number of medical doctors and oncologists are convinced that most of the cancers appear during weeks and months following emotional shocks such as a loss of a loved one, a major failure, some tragic happening, divorce, separation, some traumatic experience. … Even retirement can be a trigger. In France, for example, hardly any family is not touched by cancer. 150 000 people die of cancer every year – only in France. (cf. Santé Corps Esprit, La lettre, 17.07.2018) How many hidden emotional dramas are possibly the secret instigators of this. ….

Cancer – a call to reprogram the disturbed human system

So, can we say that Cancer is linked to a kind of misprogramming of the human system? That our physiological cell-organism reacts to some (still) hidden mechanism within us which is connected to the human psyche, to our emotions, feelings, thoughts which, may be, are not “in tune”, not coherent, not positive and harmonious enough to maintain our energies at a healthy level of frequencies?

Let us not forget: We have to carefully choose our feelings and thoughts as well as our environment if we do not want them to become toxic. Or, in other words as the Buddha once said: “Holding onto anger is like drinking poison and expecting the other to die.”

Olfactive Inputs Balancing Psychic Disorder

What may be surprizing for many is the fact that Aromatherapy with its numerous essential oils is first of all “Olfactory-Therapy”, meaning: we can change our moods, thoughts, feelings within seconds when we smell or inhale a chosen essential oil.

“The man was sitting with us during a lecture on essential oils in our South Indian AYURVEDA-AROMA-THERAPY Centre. We had some Agarwood oil pass around just to give everybody a “whiff under the nose” experience of this amazing oil. He was sitting in the first row, and all of a sudden I saw him crying, with the small bottle of the oil under his nose. When we looked at him he was as if a bit in trance. Later he explained that the smelling of the Agarwood oil had produced the same experience of Divine Humility which he had long ago experienced during an advanced meditation retreat. “The oil made me weep for a moment,” he said, “I also experienced an expansion of the heart for a number of hours.”
(Malte Hozzel, Dec. 2018)

Without any doubt: Essential oils are foremost emotional healers. Thanks to their subtle molecular structure they can easily pass the “blood-brain-barrier” and influence within seconds our limbic system which is responsible for our emotions, memories, pre- and sub-conscious impulses etc. It is actually here, at the central switch-board of our psycho-physiological energies, that a majority of “disease” creating factors are “assembled” and put into action. With harmonizing olfactive inputs we can have a direct influence on this “hub of consciousness” by balancing our traumas and the often chaotic impact of our emotions and thoughts.

For Chinese Medicine emotions are a subtle form of energy. They can destabilize the 5 major organs of our body which are all linked to specific types of emotions and internal energies:

  • The liver and gall bladder are highly sensitive to anger and frustration.
  • The kidneys‘ and bladder’s energy get depleted by fear, fright and anxieties.
  • The heart and small intestine use themselves up through impatience, sentimental love and hate.
  • The spleen, stomach and pancreas get weakened by worry, anxiety and obsessional thoughts.
  • The lungs and large intestine are deeply affected by sadness and melancholy.
Out of the Chaos and Back to Cosmic Connectedness

Chinese Medicine considers healing as the approach of natural law to maintain “harmony under the heavens”. Disease is not treated only out of compassion for the diseased but because it disturbs primarily the cosmic order and the environment of all living beings.

If the modern “epidemics” such as cancer are haunting our societies today to such an incredible degree, we have to ask ourselves “what is wrong with us?” What is wrong with our energy, our life-style, our food, our environment – and consequently: what is wrong with ourselves in our being constantly exposed without end to the stress and strain of our modern world?

And this is not easy to answer when we consider the countless daily factors of outer – and INNER! – influences on us and how much our environment, cultural, social, professional, relational etc. are constant challenges to us.

We are not single individuals, but are living in a field of connectedness in the midst of which we often may just survive, may just keep up with a mere minimum of energy to avoid the inner chaos leading towards disease.

There is no doubt: Cancer is a mistake (mis-take) created on a personal as well as on a global-collective level. And again: it is our mental and psycho-emotional failures “spinning” in the background which are the actual causes of the majority of our problems altogether. To quote another authority of “soul knowledge”:

“The consciousness or manifestation of disease is nothing more than an obstruction created by wrong human thoughts, in the perfect thought-feeling of man that God created. Man is heir to the failings of his forefathers. Hereditarily he has become habituated to imperfection. His wrong thoughts… impede the free flowing of the cosmic life force.” (Sri Paramahansa Yogananda, “Man’s Eternal Quest” p. 367)

As much as the plague epidemics haunting western civilizations at the end of the middle ages was mainly an answer of Nature to the lack of hygiene, Cancer is our new challenge – this time putting our attention on

  • the lack of mental and emotional “hygiene”
  • behavioural pathologies
  • wrong dietary habits
  • life style errors as a whole
  • pollution
  • etc. …

Epidemics like Cancer have to be understood as collective diseases. When the inner “heaven” meaning the spirit or “soul” of the society becomes chaotic, the answers are pretty much the same over time: we will either have more and more collective diseases, particularly what we call “degenerative diseases” like Cancer, Diabetes, Alzheimer, Parkinson, other auto-immune disorders etc. or ….. wars. Or both. Or we change. …

When the “Spanish Flue” struck our planet right after the first World War in 1918 it took the lives of over 50 million people, 4 times more than the war itself. The chaotic world society, totally exhausted, could simply not defend itself against this new challenge.

Getting Whole by Soul Being the Boss

So, we have to start with our own inner chaos. Because all wars – and all disease – start in the minds of men. And all real victories are victories of human understanding – victories of the human soul.

Only focusing on symptomatic treatments for Cancer CANNOT be the solution at all. Cancer and ALL degenerative diseases are the call of the Universe to take the next steps in human evolution. It is a crisis which calls for new decisions. And these have to be made globally – collectively. The disturbed “Harmony under the Heavens” requires answers from beyond our physical bodies. They HAVE to include the spiritual, the soul.

In order to heal we have to get “whole”. We have to look into the subtle dynamics of Nature so that we can become again in tune with ourselves. There is no other way.

So, let’s “switch on the light button” in us, get more sensitive to ourselves and our surroundings, see the mistakes, understand the challenges, raise our internal energy frequencies, protect us by understanding. …understanding the world, correcting ourselves, finding new choices, taking new decisions…

Universal Homeostasis

According to the “Gaia Theory”, GAIA, our planet Earth, is a living, intelligent, self-regulating organism. Soil, atmosphere, oceans, plants, animals, human beings are all interconnected and form the “organs” of this being, whose deity is GAIA.

When human beings or animals turn sick, when their brain emits chaotic energies and their behaviour becomes destructive, GAIA will send them the specific healing plants needed for the reestablishment of harmony. The plants have their specific role to play in the circle of energy exchange among all beings. Thus GAIA maintains the universal homeostasis.

Did you know that cancer cells know to smell? – and that essential oils can find their way to them? Scientists at the Ruhr University Bochum (Germany) under the direction of Prof. Hanns Hatt have discovered a while ago that cancer cells dispose of their own receptors for fragrances.

This was published in the “Journal Archives of Biochemistry and Biophysics”. This research showed that if certain essential oils are brought into contact with, for instance, liver cancer cells, the growth of these can be stopped. There is one specific molecule group in essential oils which seems to be the number one attack force in case of cancer, and that is the compound group of “terpenes”. Terpenes are a major molecular group occurring in numerous essential oils, very strongly specifically in Citrus oils such as Lemon, Grapefruit, Bergamot, Mandarin etc. and in the oils of Conifer trees such as Silver Fir, Black Spruce, Forest Pine, Balsam Fir etc.

Prof. Hatt and his team discovered a special molecular mechanism which hampered and even stopped the growth of cancer cells through the application of terpenes. The “triggering board” so to say for this is a smell receptor called OR1A2 which the mutated cancer cells carry on their cell membrane. “The liver can therefore “smell” the molecules of essential oils” as explains Prof. Hatt. “The cancer cells react to the terpenic molecules and stop their growth”. Prof. Hatt and his team of scientists also discovered a protein which is produced massively in Prostate cancer cells. They finally “unmasked” it as an olfactory receptor of the violet flower.

It is true that the Prostrate does not contain the fragrance of violet but has a nearly identical molecule linked to the male sexual hormone testosterone. This steroid hormone, Hatt found out, can activate the olfactive receptor and via a newly discovered pathway can signal the cancerous cell to stop dividing itself.

“That means practically that with the odour of violet you can stop the cancer growth”, Prof. Hatt audaciously comments on these findings. (Cf.

Prof. Hatt declared:

„These findings throw light on the future of cancer prevention and milder forms of cancer therapies. They represent further evidence for the significance of smell receptors outside the nose and give hope to develop a new form of medicine with less side effects for cancer therapy” (The Huffington Post, May 16th, 2015).

In contrast to the early days of the field, the idea of sensory receptors outside of sensory organs is no longer unusual.

“They’re all just chemo-receptors, and you can use them in lots of different contexts in physiologically different systems,” says University of Colorado Denver neurobiologist Thomas Finger. (

Energize yourself! Get the light on again!

In 2012, Johns Hopkins University’s Dr Berkowitz had just moved to a lab space where the lights were activated by motion. One of his students began to observe a curious response in the blood vessels he had isolated for study: whenever he walked in and the lights turned on, the vessels exerted less pressure on the ‚force transducer‘ the researchers had attached to him in order to stream the data.

The relaxation of blood vessels in response to light, called “photo-relaxation”, had been described almost 50 years earlier, but the underlying mechanisms had never been fully elucidated. Berkowitz wondered if these effects were mediated by resident light-sensing pigments. If so, it would not be the first time that a sensory receptor had been found outside of a sense organ. What we did not know in our modern world of Western understanding that our tissues interact with light.

“Due to tissue interactions with photons of light… when light of the right frequency (i.e. far infrared or visible light)
interacts with biological tissues electrons are produced. For example a food antioxidant is simply a chemical carrier of extra electrons and the same effect of providing extra electrons by chemical means can be also achieved by exposure to the photons of far infrared or visible light.

Far infrared and visible light are bands of electromagnetic energy, which are particularly acceptable and beneficial to living creatures. This photonic antioxidant effect provides part of the explanation of how the “vital rays” of far infra-red and visible light are involved in healing.” (cf.

Prof. Fritz Albert Popp, famous Cancer Research scientist from Germany, speaks of “ultra-weak coherent light” which each cell emits and which is the central medium of our cell-to-cell communication. For Popp it is particularly the ultra-violet light spectrum which raised his interest.

The research on this “ultra-weak cell-luminescence” in living systems, as Prof. Popp calls it was discovered by Russian scientists in the 1970ies and then further analysed by Popp. It hints at hidden quantum field interactions inside all living systems with regards to light. The Russian scientists proved in more than 5 000 experiments in the 1970’s that “all living cells transmit biological information through photons, that is through light in the ultraviolet spectrum.” (F.A. Popp, “Biologie des Lichts”)

Close up Bare Hand of a Man Covering Small Flowers at the Garden with Sunlight Between Fingers.

Prof. Popp confirmed that each of our cells is constantly emitting „ultra-weak coherent light“ or „bio-photons”. Our cells are functioning like magnets with positive-negative field charges, particularly nurtured by electron-rich food and healthy sun light. But also the other rays of the invisible spectrum of light on our planet must play a role in this vital mechanism.

This field-charge can break down…..

What are Biophotons?

Biophotons or “ultraweak photon emissions of biological systems”, as Popp explains, are weak electromagnetic waves in the optical range of the spectrum ­– in other words: they are light.

„All living cells of plants, animals and human beings emit biophotons which cannot be seen by the naked eye but can be measured by special equipment developed by German researchers.“ (Prof. F. Popp, Biologie des Lichts)

These tiny currents of photons are mainly stored and emitted, so Popp, from the DNA of our cells. What is interesting to mention is that negative emotions for example affect our DNA‘s bio-photonic signalling. Cancer victims as Popp explains have fewer photons. This corresponds with what Immunologist Mahmoud Suhail states in terms of his research on essential oils like Frankincense which has raised numerous scientific studies over the past years :

“Cancer starts when the DNA code within the cell’s nucleus becomes corrupted… Frankincense separates the ‘brain’ of the cancerous cell – the nucleus – from the ‘body’ – the cytoplasm, and closes down the nucleus to stop it reproducing corrupted DNA codes.“ So, we have to use our bio-photonic light correctly to optimize the language of our DNA as the master engineer of our psycho-physiological energies.

Genes Are the “Lamp at the Door”

Genes are the “lamp at the door”, sitting at the transition field between our inner-most physical and cosmic existence. It is miraculous that we as human beings can influence this level through our thoughts and emotions – and certainly also via the powerful bio-photonic emission of essential oils. If it is true – as science proves today – that we can influence our DNA code, the theory of Cancer as being genetically fixed is only partially true. One may say: we are constantly talking with our genes – the “Genie in the bottle”. Our DNA is linked to the Unified Field of the Universe where all the forces of Nature come together and from where – in a large sense – we define our presence, past and future – meaning also: from where we build our desires, attract our world’s joys, friends, partners, spiritual allies, release our traumas, heal our wounds…

Essential Oils acting as Reset Language on the DNA Code

It seems therefore that essential oils can have a direct „re-set function“ of our DNA code. They may be able to intervene directly on the subtle level of our genetic „store-house“ of quantum information and correct wrong data issued by degenerated cell-to-cell communication. They can tell our cells what the right DNA code should be, and their reset language may be through bio-photons on the level of our psycho-physiological quantum-field interaction. It is certainly not exaggerated to say that the quality of Bio-Photon emissions are signals for health or disease.

In other words: The body with its trillions of cells has an electro-magnetic charge. Imbalances between the body’s inner negative and positive charges weaken cell signalling. This hampers normal bodily function and recovery in cases of injury. Cancer is linked to a dramatic breakdown of cell signalling. In this sense it is the consequence of a „quantum isolation“ inside our system.

And not to forget: “There are about 100,000 chemical reactions happening in every cell each second. The chemical reaction can only happen if the molecule which is reacting is excited by a photon… Once the photon has excited a reaction it returns to the field and is available for more reactions… We are swimming in an ocean of light.“ (Prof. F.A. Popp)

The Source of Light

But the most important question remains: Where is this light coming from?

From an Eastern understanding this bio-photonic flow inside the body must be linked to Chi (TCM) or Prana (Ayurveda). The “Chi”, in the wisdom of Chinese medicine, is our subtle energy flowing through our bodies’ energy channels (meridians). Chi regulates all our body functions from a complex network of these meridians. This flow is definitely related to the “node lines” of the organism’s biophoton field. The „Prana” of Indian Yoga and Ayurveda flowing through the 72 000 „Nadis“ or energy channels (NAD = ‘sound’ in Sanskrit) is a similar regulating energy force that has the same basis – namely in weak, coherent electro-magnetic biofields and cell-radiation. (Cf. also

Or, as Gopi Krishna says :

„In the human body, Prana creates a fine bio-chemical substance which works in the whole organism and is the main agent of activity in the nervous system and in the brain. The brain is alive only because of Prana…“ This fine chemical substance is called “Soma” and “Ojas” which, according to Ayurvedic medicine, are the result of a harmonious functioning of our brain (thoughts, emotions…) and our digestive system – our “gut brain” as we can say today.

Medicine between Heaven and Earth

It is totally possible that our bio-photonic emission can also be enhanced through deep meditation where we are more in contact with our energy body and thereby increasing our frequencies of inner light. And it is without any doubt that next to ourselves plants are our best allies for the process of bio-photonic „energy healing“ in case of any disease.

Jim Oschman, author of the book “Energy medicine“ speaks of Medicinal Plants as the “Energetic pharmacology“ and “Empathetic Plant Alchemy” and as a “Neurological Balance of Floral and Human Energy.” (cf. Jim Oschman, “Energy Medicine“)

René Gattefossé, founder of modern Aromatherapy mentions an interesting aspect of essential oils when he says: “Essential oils play a role in the mechanisms of defence due to cumulated vital energy. Today like in old times we can call volatile substances vital substances… Volatility and fragrance are signals of considerable physiological activity and energy.”

I would call it „Medicine between Heaven and Earth“.

Because: Smelling = Earth (Sanskrit prtivi) – the 1st element Volatility = Space (Sanskrit akasha) – the 5th element
= Perfect polarity for healing

By the way: The German word for „essential oil“ is “ätherisches Öl” – meaning „etheric oil“ which is: linked to ether or space, the 5th element.

Seen from the plant, essential oils play the same role in plants as hormones do in animals. They have a sexual and energetic function to maintain the species, and they also

  • stimulate tissue growth
  • serve as energy reserves for the plant
  • are „field communicators“ for other plants, insects and other animals
  • Protect the plant against viruses, bacteria, fungi, pest
  • have multiple healing capacities – also for the plant and maintain many other functions… and for the human species they are elixirs of life.

Barbara Ann Brennan, author of the famous book „Hands of Light: A Guide to Healing Through the Human Energy Field“ writes: „Our physical bodies exist within a larger “body”, a human energy field or aura, which is the vehicle through which we create our experience of reality, including health and illness. It is through this energy field that we have the power to heal ourselves.“ (Barbara Ann Brennan “Hands of Light: A Guide to Healing Through the Human Energy Field”, Random House Digital, Inc., May 1, 1988)

And this larger body or human auric field is connected to our bio-photonic emission which we can enhance through the use of essential oils. A light “auric massage” with a few drops of Sandalwood oil? An aromatic massage after a tiring day with a powerful blend of Citrus oils in sweet Almond oil? Or just a whiff of Jasmine or Champaca to forget our stress and strain?

Aromatic olfaction is bio-photonic brain enhancement, central nervous system re-vitalization. Inside the brain is the whole universe of light and healing.

Light is present in healthy plants and their oils.

Photo-synthesis is the major agent of light-into-life-transformation on our planet. When we eat plant food, it must be that we take up the photons and store them. This is the same mechanism with essential oils. Prof. Popp observed high coherent bio-photonic radiation with numerous essential oils we had once sent to him for analysis. We can say that through exposure to Light, healthy life style and through absorption of healthy “sun-fed” plant food (particularly green food) and plant medicine this bio-photonic network is strengthened as the most vital part of our system. And it is without any doubt that the bio-photonic coherent light emission of the human cell system is enhanced through the inherent „solar power radiation“ of essential oils.

Do we know what really happens when an essential oil like Oregano or Savory intervenes in the case of a viral attack and “does the trick” which an anti-biotic would not be able to do? Could it be that the extremely high photonic presence in essential oils when applied to our system serves as a facilitator or repair mechanism of our internal cell-to-cell communication which is progressively lost in case of disease and specifically in cancer? And could it be that behavioural patterns, environmental stress, devitalized food etc. participate in this bio-photonic „collapse“ in the human system – expressive maybe also of our isolation from the ultimate source of „radiation“, namely our „inner Light“?

If properly “retuning” the system to its original frequency we can bring it back into balance and restore its natural harmonic resonance. Sickness then has little chance to manifest or is quickly healed. And this, in Ayurvedic terms, has to do – as we saw – with SOMA or OJAS present in healthy food and plant medicine. It is certainly not a coincidence that the ancient Rishis of India gave the name “OSHADHI” to the medicinal plant world – which means “carrier of OJAS – carrier of light.

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