Fragrant Light – Medicine of the Future

The deep inter-connectedness of plants with the Cosmos and their omnipresent nourishing and caring attitude towards all living beings, makes it very easy to fall in love with their essence and develop an unending admiration for the unfathomable intelligence of Nature present in them.

…and through them we are connected with the creative spirit behind all things.

Beautiful blond little girl with long hair smelling flower

portrait of beautiful young long-haired woman lying in park and smelling flowers

Healing frequencies

Smelling an essential oil means: We inhale the very consciousness of the plant. We connect directly with its subtle celestial energy field or “healing vibration”. In our physiology we enliven some of the self-expanding, self-transcending flow of the more subtle, more powerful energies of light from the medicinal plant and its oil on to us. Why is that possible? Because we as human beings ourselves are made of light – light crystallized into matter and shaped into a body.

We have known it for quite some time… Quantum physics tells us that there is actually no matter, there is only energy and vibration. Essential oils help us to rediscover our “quantum-body” of light. This can happen consciously if we are sensitive enough or unconsciously. They can make us reconnect with our inner world, our spiritual essence where all true healing begins. Let us remember: At the depth of us, right within the finer levels of our nervous system and its wonders, resonates the light of the Universe.

When we look at the plants: Producing fragrance and colour in abundance, particularly in the Plant Kingdom, means…

• the spiritual principle in the plant
• the subtle or “astral” connection
• for us: healing by getting infused by the plants’ aura or said otherwise: absorb and get imbibed by the „quantum bliss“ of creation

Plants and their essential oils restore balance on all levels of the human system: they increase our energy, change our moods, protect us against negativity, heal our wounds… and cure the most vicious diseases – often not accessible by modern medicine. For ages they have been used by our ancestors, healers, shamans, yogis, seers…

We know today: Essential oils are the result of biochemical transformations induced by Cosmic Light. As carriers of this energy or Prana, they are the most miraculous gifts of Nature. Their connection with us humans is the story of an ancient alliance. So, as the ancient healers and seers of our human history recognized, there is a primary life force acting in the Universe which bestows all the energy and intelligence we need for sustaining and evolving in our existence here on Earth. And this “primary substance” as Nicola Tesla called it, we find it all around and in us.

“Long ago”, Nicola Tesla said, “I recognized that all perceptible matter comes from a primary substance, of a tenuity beyond conception and filling all space – the Akasha or luminous ether – which is acted upon by the life-giving Prana or creative force, calling into existence, in never ending cycles, all things and phenomena… The primary substance, thrown into infinitesimal whirls of prodigious velocity, becomes gross matter.“

blur fog nebula back on night cloud sunset sky silhouette branch and tree, Elements of this image furnished by NASA

And this “gross matter” created from the “vortex of Prana” – if we want to say so – foremost we can find it in medicinal plants and their essential oils. And why is this? Because plants carry within them the first impulses of life on our planet – long ago before all other species could appear. In their primordial energy they share the basic principles of cosmically intended evolution with us humans and therefore can fill us with the magic of their amazing organic dynamics. Nothing could happen before them, we can say, they still contain the primary connection within their subtle structure.

We are connected

The connection between the plant Kingdom and mankind is obvious. We, as human beings and in a cosmic sense, are truly rooted in plant life – or as Rudolf Steiner once expressed it: “Man is a plant turned upside down.” Or as Rig Veda, 10th Mandala – the oldest text of mankind, expresses it so beautifully: „This Cosmic Tree has its root in Heaven.“ Yes, we ARE this cosmic tree – with our roots anchored in the subtle realms of creation. It is from here that we drink the true nectar of life.

So then, we have to ask us: What makes us “rise ” to our roots? Are there elements – apart from our own inner strivings and yearnings – which can assist us to discover, maintain and even intensify this subtle connection with the creative life force? There is no doubt: We are rooted in the light of the Universe – or to say it in modern terms: we are rooted in the “luminous ether” as Nikola Tesla expressed it. We actually are this PRANA, this intelligent life force of creation. And the plants, and especially the medicinal and fragrant plants, are all partners with us in this. So, we may want to say: Taking care of our roots is taking care of our spirit.

MH Tree upsite down

Plants and essential oils help us to connect the high and the low, the Ethereal and the Terrestrial in us, the „as above, so below“ as the Alchemists said. Grounding and opening up to our innermost nature which is rooted in living the polarity of Heaven and Earth and which, when realized in us, equals „Heaven ON Earth“. 🙂

A healthy life is the answer to entropy (chaos). The better our food, and the purer the medicinal plants and their essential oils we use, the higher is the orderly structure they create within us. And the better we can connect with our own inner world of joy and contentment – which we want to rediscover in this life – the stronger will be our own vitality and the positive influence on our health and well-being and the well-being of all others around us.
We can state: The living structure of plants reflects the inner spiritual order of the universe which is made of light. When we use the orderly structure of plants, we absorb materialized solar energy, counteracting the 2nd principle of thermo-dynamics, whereas all in the universe tends toward a state of growing entropy or chaos. And this starts, on a subtle physiological level, within our central nervous system – as we have seen… where every healing has to start anyway.

Nature is polyvalent in its character and action

As we know today confirmed by modern research: Every medicinal plant has a number of healing effects pertaining to its special energy fields. And as we also discover more and more: an essential oil is not only defined by its diverse „active ingredients“ but by the totality of its many compounds and also its trace elements – including its mysterious bio-photonic energy. All this matches with the human organism in intrinsic ways and fills up our specific „energy holes” (ailments) like key and lock.
What a miracle! If we want to see clearly, we can say: Plants have developed and assembled a nearly infinite number of bio-chemical compounds over millions of years – also as a successive response to challenges from the environment, be it climatic changes, soil condition changes, animals, particularly insects etc. Their essential oils are crystallized vegetal medicine, time-tested, super-rich in diversification, amazingly powerful in the hands of those who want to know more about self-healing. And self-healing is one of the urgent themes of our time!

Woman silhouette waiting for summer sun on meadow

One more aspect of our “Fragrant Medicine from Nature”: It is never single-oriented, never linear. Its poly-molecular aspect makes it variable in its healing effects, often “personal”, often contradictory, ambivalent, unpredictable in its hidden “positive side-effects”. It needs a while to understand that Nature does not function in an “automatized” way – as we often would like to believe. Nature is complex and often paradoxical, I mean: imbibed with “para” – the “beyond” as translated from Sanskrit – which means: relishing that level where the “union of opposites” is the law and where seemingly conflicting elements co-exist for creating more creative, more holistic results.

What a difference to allopathic medicine!

Just to give a few examples: Peppermint oil helps simultaneously against nervous, hepatic, skin, circulatory, immune, intestinal, and psychological disorders etc. Fortunately scientific research can prove this today!

And what about this:
An essential oil extracted from Coriander seeds has shown dramatic results against ALL major food-borne bacteria like the pathogenic forms of Escherichia coli and many others. Research clearly indicates that Clove bud essential oil is highly antifungal towards ALL tested fungal species such as candida albicans, penicillium citrinum, etc.

And what about Bay Laurel oil? It is famous for its effects on ENT (Ear-Nose-Throat) and respiratory disorders. The anti-infectious, expectorant and mucolytic properties of Bay Laurel oil make it a good choice for the treatment of ALL kinds of viral infections of the respiratory tract. That may ring in our ears today who are struck by the Covid crisis…

In vaporizing and diffusion of Bay Laurel oil we find high efficiency against airborne germs, particularly those creating flu, bronchitis, candidiasis, phlegm and sinusitis. The anti-viral properties of Bay Laurel essential oil have been the subject of well-documented research, for example a study led by Monica R. Loizzo, from the Faculty of Pharmacy of Calabria/Italy. It has shown the in vitro activity of the essential oil of Bay Laurel on the SARS-CoV virus responsible for the SARS epidemic in 2003.


Our direction is “energy medicine”

No real medicine can be successful without addressing the core of our being. And the medicinal plants and their oils, hydrolats, herbal extracts etc. can guide us in this. Working on our personal energy field with essential oils – be it via massage, inhalation, oral absorption etc. – means to work from the subtlest layers of QI or PRANA or OJAS (sanskrit for “Light” – cf. “Oshadhi” = carrier of light, or “medicinal plants”) and offer “repair” on those purely energetic levels where imbalance first starts. This level is always within reach through the most easy ways, for example simple aroma massage, olfaction, „touch and breathe“, also acupuncture, marma therapy etc… Essential oils – energy fields, frequencies, resonances… it is all about “Energy medicine” anyway!

More than ever before it has become clear: Over the last decades Aromatherapy has not only made a strong contribution for a better understanding of the power of medicinal plants, but has also given us access to a new way of applying medicine. There is this marvelous depth in essential oils linking them to oldest folk-medicinal knowledge and at the same time offering the most rigorous scientific comprehension of their innumerable effects – and their positive side effects too!

Do we remember that fumigation, ointments, extracts as well as essential oils – all based on medicinal plants – were used for thousands of years in many parts of the world to fight disease?

In the early 16th century, the famous astrologer and physician Michel de Nostredame, known as Nostradamus, fumigated whole villages with aromatic plants to fight off the plague. The “Black Death” had come back after its furious attack on the “old Continent” of Europe in the 14th century, when more than 80 million people had died from it within a few years – that is more than 1/3 of the population of Europe at that time…

The aromatic substances or essential oils of the herbs, fumigated by Nostradamus to disinfect plague ridden areas in the South of France, are now precisely known for their anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties. Thyme, Oregano, Savory and others were largely available in Provence, and their phenolic concentration was high enough to procure sustainable and repeatable results. If the essential oils of these and other medicinal plants had been made more available on a collective scale and their properties understood, Europe would not have undergone this amazing tragedy of losing a third of its population to the devastating effects of the plague epidemics.

Nostradamus himself did not use book knowledge or scientific research. It was more through the intuitive channels of their consciousness and the direct experience of orally transmitted folk medicine that physicians of his time approached true healing. And it has been this way until the uprise of modern allopathic medicine – with its blessings and its curses…

But we have alternatives today! In fact, Aromatherapy is ancient and even „secret“ in a way, but also modern and direct. Over twelve thousand independent research studies on essential oils have contributed to a great extent to place Aromatherapy on a level of a serious science in the domain of Alternative Medicine. A more systematic understanding of the subtle workings of essential oils and aromatic molecules is coming up today… and with this we gain also more tools for applications in fields such as energy medicine, quantum healing, psycho-spiritual self-healing, etc.

Indeed, today we are experiencing a new era of natural medicine as an answer to the many failures and shortcomings of modern allopathic approaches. It is basically the answer of

• the “organic” versus the non-organic
• the holistic versus the isolative
• the human versus the techno-chemical

This era leads us to new understandings of health, nutrition, environment, social ethics – and spirit. Therefore……we do not need to „re-invent the wheel“. Everything universal or true, everything which has to do with the eternal continuum of life in the universe, whether gross or subtle – and everything which has to do with real healing as well – is already there. We just need to remember “as it was before” and connect this with our modern research and science of true medicine.

MH Immortelle smelling
Immortelle; Helicrysum italicum

Aromatherapy revives mankind’s ancient approach to healing by using essential oils – as well as carrier oils and hydrosols – from all kinds of ethno-medical traditions around the globe. Of course, our global ancestors did not use science the way we do today. Their scientific way to proceed, as we have seen, was foremost an internal process, meaning: a not less systematic approach, but encompassing in a far more extended form data of the inner worlds and our cosmic connections at the same time.

We can truly say: For the first time in history – also due to our own global connectedness – we have access to the traditional healing treasures of the world in our hands, many of them even in our own «home-pharmacy» for powerful preventive and efficient self-care and self-healing. So, we can take responsibility for our own health in numerous ways and become our own guardians of personal well-being.

In our time it is the beauty and „destiny“ of human kind to rediscover the amazing secrets not only of the human energy fields, but of all energy fields stretching from the more physical to the most subtle realms of creation. Once we as humans will be collectively aware of these basic forces or „energy fields“ and know how to consciously connect with them and enhance them, our planet will make a quantum leap in evolution in the direction of universal knowledge and harmony.

Man‘s position in the Universe will become more and more evident. Humanity will be capable to live in peace and in full accord with the laws of Nature.

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