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Using volatile fragrances in form of essential oils is a beautiful way to open our heart… to others, to Nature, to the Spirit in ourselves, to the Universe. Inhalation or smelling of essential oils is an act of healing. Natural fragrances have a direct impact on our tonus, esp. the tonus of our heart. The heart rejoices when we smell “Mother Earth”. We can literally “breathe” through our heart.

“Let go of the battle. Breathe quietly and let it be. Let your body relax and your heart soften. Open to whatever you experience without fighting.”

(Jack Kornfield)

In principle, ALL essential oils can be understood as tonifying for the heart. Their impact on our wellbeing, relaxation, inner comfort, etc. naturally leads to a spontaneous opening of the heart. Not only that the heart muscle finds an uncramping energy in the olfactive experience of an essential oil, but the Spirit in us connects with the subtler energies in us when we smell something pure from Nature carrying numerous messages to different centers of our brain and from the brain to the heart.

Imagine you take a deep breath of a Clary Sage in full blossom. What do you think happens? The rich fragrant aroma of the oil reaches the receptor cells and the olfactive bulb of the nose creating electric impulses which then join different brain centers causing numerous impacts on the level of the limbic system which is strongly connected to our emotions, feelings, memories… meaning: connected to our inner world and the world around us.

The heart receives these impulses through the pathways of subtle cell to cell communication and reacts in its own way as an „interpreter“ of these messages and as a transfer organ within the hidden network of our inner quantum field resonances.

MH smelling clary sage

smelling Clary Sage in High Provence

Did you know that the heart is the first major organ which develops in the fetus in the Mother‘s womb after conception? And certainly the heart is not by coincidence situated in the center of our body. Its central position means not only “essential” for our health, our life, our “long life”… It means also “central” between the field energies of us humans which connect us with the “above and below”, with the “Heaven and Earth” in us, with the physical and the spiritual side of our existence. It means literally: the heart is centered in the middle of our “Tree of Life” – the spinal energy channels of our “Kundalini”.

Anahata chakra watercolor design illustration.

In Vedic Science with its Sanskrit language the heart chakra is called “Anahata” which means “unhurt, unstruck, invincible, unbeaten” and it is symbolized in a six pointed star where the reverse triangles in the middle indicate the position between the above and below (Heaven and Earth) energies of the human spiritual body.

And its green colour, like in the rainbow, indicates again “in the middle” between the red and the blue… The heart in its intermediate position as our “chief controller” has also to do with our breath. Actually, the heart according to ancient wisdom has always been connected to the element of air and the sense of touch. And air, of course, is linked to our breath.

What Science reveals:

“Neuro-physicists have recently been astonished to discover that the Heart is more an organ of intelligence, than merely the bodies’ main pumping station. In fact, these new discoveries include intriguing evidence that more than half of the Heart is actually composed of neurons of the very same nature as those that make up the cerebral system. Not only that, but the heart also emits a 5,000 times stronger electromagnetic field than the brain….”.
(‘Institute of Heart Math’)

“The heart and brain maintain a continuous two-way dialogue, each influencing the other’s functioning. The signals the heart sends to the brain can influence perception, emotional processing and higher cognitive functions; neuro-cardiology researchers view this system and circuitry as the “heart brain”. … An EEG that measures brain waves shows that the electro-magnetic signals from the heart are so much stronger than brain waves, that a reading of the heart’s frequency spectrum can be taken from three feet away from the body, without the need to place electrodes on it.”
(“Follow Your Heart, It Is Smarter Than You Think!” By Rebecca Cherry)

Disease in many ways often begins with an imbalance in the body’s energy system, specifically on the level of interaction between heart and mind, feeling and thinking. One can also say: imbalance of attraction and aversion, yes and no, love and hate, integration and frustration… in short: misinterpretation of the „human condition“ through lack of true knowledge. The heart has intuitive intelligence completing the more discriminative intelligence of the brain. It is through the dialogue of our “heart-brain” that we communicate with the world and its mysteries.

MH comunication through heart waves

Did you know that Individuals are capable of generating high ratios of heart coherence (love, appreciation, forgiveness… ). They are able to alter their DNA conformation (shape or structure) according to their intention?

„Generally, participants with the highest levels of coherence affected the DNA samples the most“ as shown by cell biologist Glen Rein and IHM Research Director Rollin McCraty
(“Modulation of DNA Conformation by Heart-Focused Intention“. (published in 2003) Glen Rein, Rollin McCraty)

Yes, there is an energy field inside and around us which is woven by the thoughts of our brain and the feelings of our heart captured and resonating by all those and everything around us – as far as our lives stretch… And it is our intentions which are the main dynamics inside this web of resonances. And this web stretches far beyond what we think.

Did you know that the so called “butterfly effect” described in modern science suggests that minimal actions can be transmitted to no matter where at any distance? The butterfly effect is more powerful than we ever imagined. It is similar to Sheldrake’s “morphogenetic field” theory. Chaos theory suggests that a butterfly flapping its wings over in China can trigger a hurricane over in the United States. And when the heart “flaps its wings” its influence on the field connections with our environment are tremendous. A healthy “heartbeat” of a society can create a powerful butterfly effect on the whole planet. And
“did you know that people who experience a high level of coherence exhibit a general sense of well-being and improvements in cognitive, social and physical performance?”
(HeartMath Institute)


So then, let’s not allow “short circuits” on the level of emotions, thoughts, feelings… Let’s learn to let go, say YES first, and say NO – if necessary – but keep the inner “yes” at the same time. Let’s not resent, cultivate moods, regret, despise… rather reward a lot, laugh a lot, love a lot, admire a lot, thank a lot… and sniff some essential oil if we need a potent help for our lab training here on Earth!
And fill the spiritual container of the heart with its natural nutrients for health and happiness. And also – at the same time – understand that not all can be “honey”, not all our roads on Earth are accompanied by flowering Rose fields left and right. 🙂 🙂 Let’s not resent that!

Which also means: let’s get the understanding that the road to our outer and inner freedom is MEANT to be paved with obstacles. Of course, the body with its thousands of yearnings, short-comings, troubles, pains etc. is the major problem in all this on our road. But it seems, we wanted this… We wanted a body as a “laboratory” for learning to handle ourselves, and this sometimes in the most difficult environment possible: the world of “frozen matter”. We wanted these challenges in order to speed up our evolution. After all: it’s too easy in the astral world… right?

Before we get free from the limitations of our body we have to learn with it. And that means: we have to “distill” ourselves. Means: we have to go through our inner “churning” process of contraction and expansion. Means in the end: we need to discover our “vortical” alignment with the Universe via the Serpent Power (Kundalini) within our own physio-spirituality – AND get the most powerful helpers for this “trip”… maybe also essential oils?? 🙂

And what is distillation? You remember? The medicinal plant in the process of creation of essential oils knows it well… Distillation means heating and cooling, expansion and contraction, sometimes alternating rapidly several times – the polarity of life in a few hours… And self-distillation is nothing else: expanding and contracting – the polarity of life – joy and sorrow, anger and forgiveness, gratitude and resentment… millions of times! We are all churned in the same vortex, the same „soup“ – until the job is done… 🙂

And not to forget in this context: Human beings live to awaken the inner cerebral-spinal energies in order to be able to withstand harmoniously the multiple challenges of the physical world. When this energy flow – or: transmission of cosmic Prana into our psycho-physiology mainly via the spinal axis, our inner “tree of life” –is getting low or even interrupted manifold diseases or even degenerative diseases such as cancer etc. can appear. And this polar axis of our inner energy system is the battlefield of our daily challenges, giving rise to the whole “game” (Vedic science: “Lila”) of our turmoils and quietudes… and through this game generating all these incredible connections which we are meant to discover and to harmonize. And one of the major Centers of this lies in the Anahata Chakra, the Heart.


And the essential oils in all this?

Plants „drink“ Sun-, Moon- and Star-Light 24 hours a day. This means plenty of formative = ordering capacity. This means also: plenty of the „luminiferous ether“ (Nikola Tesla). Cosmic Light has an influence on the negentropic (ordering) capacity of plants and their essential oils. Ingesting or using healthy plants or healthy plant extracts helps to resist the chaotic influences of the human environment.

We know today: There is a magical connection between scent and well-being. We can also say: between “smelling and feeling”. We feel spontaneously well with a pleasant scent. Smelling means: Mother Earth in action within ourselves. And at the same time: Spirit in action rendering wings to the soul. And why? There is this miraculous relationship between the neuro-chemical influences of aromatic compounds created in our brain and their effects on our heart.

And more so: Many plant oils by way of their olfactive power trigger hormonal (and „hormonious“ 🙂 ) responses in the brain. They contain numerous natural phyto-hormones which can help to balance dysfunctions of our glandular system and through this affect in a secondary way the healthy functioning of our heart.

Of course, most of the fragrances we smell are experienced on a sub-conscious level – which does not mean that they are not influencing our behaviour in society or even triggering physical responses like change of heart rhythms, breathing rhythms etc.

Even if likes and dislikes of fragrances are often very personal – and cultural – there are certain functions of our olfactive perception which belong to all human beings alike. There is hardly any culture on Earth which would dislike the scent of Rose… Certain plants – more than others – bring us into communion with the power of “Prana” influencing our „inner plant“ – our nervous system – which in turn brings us into communion with the subtle levels of our heart and our „inner Sun“ or Atma. And Prana stands for „intelligent life force“ beyond the mere atomic and sub-atomic forces and connecting us with the Cosmic Breath. It takes form within our physiology as Ojas or Soma. And it is via this level of Cosmic Breath that we can discover –by means of subtle energy techniques like aromatherapy, deep breathing, deep meditation etc. – our „heart-mind“ connections and understanding that we as humans are part of the akashic resonance of the universe.

MH angel

Yes, it is true: Essential oils increase the flow of Prana and OJAS, the mysterious „substance“ existing in each human being on a subtle level between consciousness (our nervous system) and matter (our physical body). They work from outside to inside (massage, olfaction…) but also from inside to outside (i.e. oral intake). They can enhance well-being, strength, healing, even understanding, acceptance, forgiveness, compassion by simply reprogramming in no-time our thoughts and emotions – mainly through our limbic system and our heart.

There is definitely a number of essential oils which have a very special connection with the heart. Rose, yes, is one of the most powerful fragrances to nourish and open the heart – or Ylang Ylang, Bergamot, Mandarin, Neroli… But also Lavender, or Helichrysum, Kewra, Magnolia, and many of the so called absolutes like Jasmin, Mimosa, Vanilla, Champaca, Frangipani, Lotus, Tuberose, Tonka Bean, etc. belong to this category of the “heart resonators”. And not to forget: even some of the spicy oils like Cinnamon, Tonka bean, Cardamom etc. can have the same effects.

MH plant collection

The sense of smell is the only one of the five senses directly linked to the limbic lobe of the brain, the emotional control center. Anxiety, depression, fear, anger, and joy all emanate from this region. This is why the scent of a special fragrance can evoke memories and emotions before we are even consciously aware of them. But also heart rate, blood pressure, breathing and other functions of our system such as hormone balance etc. – as we saw – are highly interconnected with the limbic system.

But why not presume that the limbic system is only “half of the deal”? In essence, there is always an informational flow within the body, and particularly on the more subtle quantum level of our system. In other words: Even if the Amygdala for example signals “stress and strain” or “fight and flight” the heart can say NO. We are still too much used in our psycho-physiological observations to stick to linear interpretations of so called “realities”. As much as essential oils can be highly antagonistic, adaptogenic, personal, situational etc. our “body-mind” (Candace Pert), made of frequencies in fact, also has the full spectrum of possibilities to shift perceptions, reactions, and moods into bigger fields of interpretation – to “enlarge the horizon” so to say.

We are ALWAYS capable of interfering – means also: correcting misleading information’s derived from diverse “organs” on a chemical level (from the brain for example) by exposing them to the more subtle strata of our body of Light, our body of frequencies. Here the heart has a major role to play as a kind of “filter of adjustment” or “vibrational integrator”. And the essential oils can play an important role in this. The internal fluidity of the heart is very much akin to the highly adaptogenic, non-linear behaviour and fluidity of essential oils.

Did you know? 1 single drop of essential oil contains 40 quintillion molecules, written out that is a 4 with 19 zeros after. viz. 40,000,000,000,000,000,000. You have 100 trillion cells in your body. Hence one drop of oil is enough to cover every cell in your body with 40,000 molecules. Now you can see why a little essential oil can get the job done and address every cell in your body.
(„Chemistry of Essential Oils“ by David Stewart Ph.D.,D.N.M.)

Some formulas:

For High blood Pressure:

• Ylang Ylang
• Lavender
• Neroli
• Petitgain bigarade
• Petitgrain mandarine
• Eucalyptus citriodora

1 ml of each essential oil in 50 to 100 ml sweet almond oil or Jojoba oil for massage

Low blood Pressure:

• Rosemary borneone
• Spike Lavender
• Clove bud
• Peppermint
• Bay Laurel

1 ml of each in 50 ml hazelnut oil or Jojoba oil for massage

Some experiences:

“My day was exhausting with lots of incongruous stuff leading to a kind of depressive mood which made me doubt about everything I was doing… I finally decided to seek help from essential oils and snatched a bottle of Kewra oil which was standing on my office desk. I opened the cap of the bottle and deeply inhaled the aroma of the oil. Then, feeling the effect was amazing, I softly rubbed a few drops of the oil on my chest near the heart area. Wow, within a few seconds I felt my heart beat had changed and a feeling of relief, energy, and deep relaxation took over. I closed my eyes and enjoyed this sudden mood change with a profound gratitude towards this magic oil.”
Letter from Michael

“My second experience with aromatherapy was during a therapeutic touch/Reiki session. The therapist used Rose oil on my chest and I felt a welling up of emotion relating to a painful exchange with a friend. An internal shift in perception allowed me to forgive her and move forward with a more peaceful heart.”

„My intent for using these oils is not only that my body benefits from cleaning out all the toxins, but also the tension is released. Geranium is a ”super” oil for balancing all the hormones and especially the nerve endings. I found this oil works remarkably good with my emotions, especially when I am dealing with shock. As for Lavender, this is my “balance” oil and I believe this oil has helped me tremendously with Epilepsy, calming my central nervous system and convulsions.

The Rose is the “nurturer” for my heart. And Neroli works well in “grounding” me, allowing a sense of control and is especially calming to the mind.“
(Zsuszana G. Davidson, Living with Epilepsy and Aromatic Oils)

“Hallo Malte, I hope you are well?! Wanted to send first of all this happy message that now – after 13 years – I have finally stopped taking my allopathic pills. With Hawthorn, Mistletoe, Lavender oil and Lemon juice my body seems to be perfectly in shape in terms of hypertension. That it worked so fast is simply phenomenal! It just has changed me into a new human being. So super!
Again, thank you so much for all the good advice from you.

“I’ve been taking medication for borderline high blood pressure for a few years. Without medication, my BP is about 140/90. On medication, it’s about 125/80. I started using the Lavender oil (without medication) on July 5. Today, July 10, my blood pressure is 112/72. Another effect of the Lavender oil has been that my legs don’t hurt at night like they usually do. I’ve had leg-pains since I was a kid. The doctors didn’t know why my legs hurt so often – they called it “growing pains.” But at 40, I’m pretty sure I’m done growing. I attribute the pain to bad circulation…
For the past few years, I’ve had to take Ibuprofen every night before bed because by the end of the day, I’d feel a dull ache in my legs that I knew would get worse if I didn’t take anything. On my first “Lavender oil night,” I decided to skip the Ibuprofen and see what the Lavender oil could do to relieve my leg pain. After a while, the pain in my legs dissipated, and I was able to fall asleep (unheard of before the Lavender oil). The best news is that I haven’t had leg pain since that night!
(Mari V.

“There is a deep inner wisdom in our hearts. Our hearts know the answers to all the questions we have and will ever have. And Rose oil helps us to access this wisdom when our hearts have been challenged by the people and events around us.”
( heartmath-session)

“Before meditation (directly after my accident) I had put 1 drop of Jasmine sambac oil on my pulse. During meditation all of a sudden I was overwhelmed by a feeling of strong joy and love. It became so strong that I wanted to embrace and kiss the whole world. I could hardly restrain myself. This lasted for very long. At the same time a huge firework of blossoms spread all over me – the blossoms were all out of white synapses and in the gaps there were lots of ice-blue crystal spaces…”
(Markus – student of Dr. Malte Hozzel)

MH Jasmin sambac

Jasmine sambac


Aromatherapy is natural medicine at its best, linking Mother Nature‘s „rivers of light“ and energy healing capacity via the human skin (massage) to the powerful influence of fragrances through the pathways of our „emotional brain“ represented by the limbic system and the heart – mainly via olfaction and inhalation. This means: Energy enhancement and psycho-spiritual well-being – the perfect mix for a medicine of a new era of mankind. And with different essential oils having a corresponding direct influence on different energy centers or Chakras we are easily connected to the Luminous Energy Fields of our „subtle bodies“.

We know it today: We are in truth all just radiant balls of energy – Energy that pulses everywhere throughout the Universe. And all this energy has a certain frequency of vibration, and this frequency is what determines the evolutionary steps we create in our life. And we have definitely the choice. The good thing is to know that frequencies can be enhanced in many ways… and also through essential oils. It is not by coincidence that Mother Nature since a few decades has sent us these radiant “power mongers” :):) which are essential oils to help us on our way to more inner and outer freedom and, also, to generate a better understanding of what real science of healing should be. Quantum medicine is on the way!

It may not please everybody, but there is definitely no return!

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