Oshadhi skincare secret for men

Carrot seed is one of nature’s purifiers, of great help where there is congestion or accumulation of toxins.

Gentle purification
The detoxifying effects of carrot seed oil are helpful in both therapy and skincare. Carrot seed makes a great addition to a massage blend for a full-body massage or detox wrap, or it can be used in the bath for a gentle clearing effect. It blends well with other purifying oils such as Juniper. For skincare it blends well with Jojoba Oil to keep skin supple and toned, or try adding a drop to your usual moisturiser. Definitely worth a try if your skin is congested or problematic.

Simple skincare for men

The scent of this oil lends itself well to male skincare as it is herbaceous and spicy. The oil has an immediate sweetness that is a little like the taste of a freshly pulled home-grown carrot, followed by a dryness that is more reminiscent of the scent of the carrot skin. The combination of elements is not obviously identifiable as carrot but if you know what you are looking for you can find the familiar scent amongst the layers. 

Our little secret

Try a jojoba and carrot seed blend as a simple natural aftershave.

Let us know how it goes…

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