Träger des Lichts

In the traditional language of ancient India the medicinal plants were called „carrier of light“. The Vedic civilization was already aware of the great healing qualities of essential oils, and thus gave the medicinal plant kingdom the name Oshadhi, which means „light bearer“ and „giver of life energy“.

„The purity of true essential oils products is thanks to all those who have devoted their lives and hearts to nurturing these plants and allowing us to benefit from these gifts of Nature. Yet the biggest thanks is to Nature herself that gives us all an everlasting gift through these essential oils.“ – Dr. Malte Hozzel,

From Dr. Hozzel’s profound research into the healing powers of Nature the brand has developed a very unique philosophy:

– Deeper connection with people and nature and caring for a holistic understanding of our Embedded-being in universal contexts

– Ethical behavior of employees and the company as a whole to all living creatures

– Protection of the environment and ecology through the use of appropriate technologies

– Pleasure of discovering the untold riches of the plant world and its subtle healing influences on people’s lives

– Dissemination of knowledge about ecological, innovative healing and environmentally-harmonizing relationships

– Represent contacts with growers of biological medicinal plants worldwide for better networking of origin and market in the area of natural, ecologically impeccable products, the highest purity and diversity

– Joy of promoting well-being, harmony and health in people around the world

– Networking with customers and suppliers as partners for joint development in personal and economic area

– Consideration of the private life and the families of employees by creating opportunities for flexible and healthy work schedules

– Creating a healthy, relaxed working atmosphere

– Support for social projects benefiting the underprivileged around the world