Aromatherapy – a global action plan

Born from Light

Everything on Earth is composed of light. Plants absorb and store light through photosynthesis – and they create cycles of life, matter, oxygen… plants feed on light, and we feed on plants and absorb their light. Light is the basic element of all existence in the Universe.

Numerous essential oils are mentioned in ancient scriptures. Sandalwood, Cassia, Cedar, Cypress, Frankincense, Myrrh, Hyssop, Galbanum, Cistus, Myrtle, Spikenard, Palo Santo…. and many others were described in sacred texts or in oral traditions. What a treasure for us today to be able to share this knowledge thanks to our global connectedness, and what a gift, yes, to be able to link this ancient wisdom to a network of sharing of experiences, scientific data, therapeutic formulas, etc. via Aromatherapy, a new alternative Science of healing and prevention!

Unfortunately during the last century, essential oils (and other therapeutic aids) fell into disuse with the advance of modern drugs through the rise of the pharmaceutical industry.

“Within the last couple of hundred years, essential oils have gradually been replaced with chemical synthetics for healing purposes. These synthetics are chemical compounds produced more cheaply and in larger quantities than pure grade essential oils. But what is the true cost of these synthetic substances? What price might we really be paying with a ‘magic bullet’ approach to healing? ”

We know very well today that a large number of essential oils are highly efficient against parasites, fungi, bacteria, and viruses. An essential oil is not just ONE (patented) synthetic chemical mix. The biochemistry in Nature – and specifically in an essential oil – is based on energy – cosmic light. And this energy is amazingly rich and diversified. Hundreds of biochemical compounds are often involved. And they change with every area of origin, every season, even every batch. Micro-organisms have no chance, even by trying to mutate, to resist this complex alchemy. Is this fact not enough that something should “ring in our ears” – especially in view of our present health crisis of Covid-19?

And the present crisis of anti-biotics, which involves deadly bacterial germs such as for example the famous “staphilococcus aureus” is just ONE aspect and shows how much we are in need of new solutions. The Covid-virus is beyond that. No antibiotic can attack viruses, although it seems that

“In the recent survey on behalf of the Longitude Prize, 49% of GPs (General Practitioners) say they prescribe antibiotics once a week or more without knowing whether they are medically necessary, and 72% GPs prescribe antibiotics when they are unsure if they are treating a viral or bacterial infection… Many GPs also aired the view that they lacked time to deal with persistent patients, and that they feared complaints if they did not immediately prescribe the treatment a patient might need… 36% of respondents in the survey thought that antibiotics could be used to treat a virus. (!) ”

Essential oils could and should be the major element for a global action plan

Nature has developed over millions of years her own strategies against countless germs, fungi, parasites. Without these strategies evolution, yes, even life on Earth as a whole, would not have been possible. We do not need to re-invent the wheel. We just have to deepen our knowledge of Nature and combine her age-old defense mechanisms with our modern scientific approach.

Essential oils as biochemical agents have developed as allies of interaction inside Nature herself in a kind of challenge and response way. They have been one if not THE major answer against the growing impact of germs threatening the thrust of differentiation of plant species in the course of evolution of life on Earth. To equate therefore essential oils with chemical (synthetic) products is nothing else than to put the “Medicine from Nature” into the hands of institutional organizations and industries bound by their own principles which in many cases are in full contradiction with the laws of Nature governing evolution and the age-old healing science of mankind.

Despite the growing „resurrection“ of the ancient healing systems worldwide and despite the over 12.000 research studies on the beneficial effects of essential oils the whole realm of medicinal plants and their oils have been exposed to increasing reglementations from governmental institutions over the latest decades with the clear aim to restrict the free access of the private user to their healing energies. A few years ago farmers in Provence protested against the new REACH regulations which since then force them to declare all essential oils (even Lavender oil as here below) as chemical products – a procedure which includes a lot of work, energy, and money to fulfill these requirements.

Tens of thousands of years of traditional folk medicinal knowledge which have started again to play a major role in our modern approach to healing and self-healing have in the meantime become a subject of controversial discussions and restrictions. But the “aromatic” research and experience continues nevertheless. And this research along with the growing desire to come back to more natural lifestyles and the evident health risks of pharmaceuticals has led also to a fast-growing interest and popularity in Aromatherapy worldwide. There are several hundred different essential oils used today by hundreds of thousands of people all over the world, often prescribed by numerous medical practitioners, naturopaths, etc. And there is growing understanding that the re-establishment of true health care is not just a question of pills but about recreating harmony in the human system, regenerating energy, rebalancing the subtle communication of the physical, mental and emotional body in us. Essential oils are champions for this.

True medicine must be experimental and based on ancient knowledge

So, let us say it again: True medicine has to be based on true long-term human experiences and must be much more than a science of data, analysis, and animal experimentations. Of course, some of its knowledge may be derived from diverse scientific disciplines like chemistry, biology, physics, etc., but its fundamentals have to be empirical, humanistic, philosophical, psychological, and spiritual based on the collected experience of physicians and patients over hundreds of generations and thousands of years. Modern medicine, incapable of finding the real causes of disease is mainly focusing on the symptoms. The ancient art of healing is more focusing on the „back-ground-stories“…

And these “background stories” are more easily dealt with when we understand and apply a medicine that is derived from natural life processes such as it is happening with essential oils in medicinal plants. No single chemical approach can replace this. And no “chemo-identical” pill can really heal us. The biochemical diversity of essential oils when we use them is only ONE element of many “hidden agents” on more subtle levels. And if we want to remain on the biochemical level we have to acknowledge that the rich self-transformational alchemy of biochemical compounds in plants is one of the most important aspects of Nature’s time-tested defense system. We have to WANT this presence of diversity in unity. If our desire is to create a specific effect, and in order to create it, we NEED to introduce complexity in an intelligent way, without disturbing the natural balance. So we know: Contrary to the allopathic approach, which tries to isolate the active principles (sometimes also from a plant) and then, in a second step, tries to synthesize the same, aromatherapy goes hand in hand with Mother Nature, honoring, maintaining and even adding to the infinite complexity of her creations.

And that is the reason why, for example, we do not want to lose the over 500 compounds of Rose oil, although the single, isolated methyl eugenol in Rose oil, yes, may have been found to be toxic in certain cases. But Nature has already – within this complexity – provided the means to balance certain compounds against certain others so that the total of compounds of an oil usually is available in a humanly inoffensive way. Nature does not supply us with an isolated methyl eugenol molecule. And with the famous sesquiterpene lactone artemisinin in Artemisia annua it was found out that it is less efficient against Malaria than if taken together in a compound mix with the total of the plant’s bio-molecules.

Seen from the therapeutic angle, complexity always increases the chance for healing and very often even prevents unwanted side-effects. But we have to admit: So many compounds in Nature

  • have not been explained with regards to their healing properties
  • have not been analyzed in a scientific way
  • have not been fully understood in their interdependence and mutually enhancing dynamism
  • are not even known

But this does not give us the right to assume that they are useless. We are just “scratching the surface” in our quest for more knowledge of Nature’s alchemy of bio-molecules. And so much even of our human physiology and its numerous ailments has not been observed in its reactions and resonance to medicinal plants. It seems that humanity is even proud to have forgotten what our ancestors considered to be plant medicine…..

And the above-mentioned non-sense of practicing isolation of compounds from the balanced diversity of plants in Nature – we know this – is one of the major themes of modern pharmacology. Can we imagine? Everyone looks for the „active ingredients“ – and the „passive“ ingredients…? …as if they are just super-flours „ballast“ in the whole scheme of intelligent plant evolution. In reality, they are as „active“ as the others, maybe even more, but often more hidden, more to understand in the total dynamic complex – meaning also: more to grasp from that level hidden to the materialistic approach of modern pharma-medicine which stubbornly seems to not want to take into account the subtler levels of Nature‘s pharmacology from where all real healing begins. This habit is co-responsible for thousands of toxic allopathic drugs sacrificing millions of test-animals every year for so-called „safety tests“ and having to account for hundreds of thousands of human deaths every year, mostly not publicized or hidden under the so-called „iatrogenic“ side effects. But iatrogenic disease (disease created by medicine) statistically already makes up for approx. 30 % of all diseases…..

Manuka flowers / New Zealand                                             

Last not least, the same practice of „isolation“ has created the basis for the „pharma-conspiracy“ against Nature and its intelligence, a unique phenomenon in the long course of human history: human beings working against their own basis. The pharma-lobby apparently has everything so well manipulated that by isolating and then synthesizing chemical compounds one can create the hundreds of -billion worth of modern (patented) drugs on one hand and on the other, in conformity with this approach, one can legalize the endeavors of putting the majority of herbal remedies on the index or by defining them as “novel food”, meaning that they are not allowed to be put in the market because they MAY contain dangerous compounds – in isolation. The logic is just stunning! The present pharma-directed opposition against Artemisia annua, the wonder herb against Malaria, Cancer, and the Covid-virus is just one very recent example.

And the real reason for this „kindergarten“behavior: nobody can patent medicinal plants… too bad, but some have tried this already… let‘s see how it will go in the future… And the GMO…? Maybe ask Monsanto before you can plant a tomato in your garden…

Nature handles diversity in unity

On the other hand, Nature by handling diversity in unity and by playfully opposing contradictory elements repeats in her intrinsic biochemistry the never-ending game of evolution in the universe. In increasing for example the complexity of essential oils in blends we can give human nature a higher chance to tune in with Nature herself and thus increase the curative probability and the chance for healing. It is like entering a castle with so many locked-up rooms, chambers, halls, corridors. The more keys we have with us, the greater will be the chance to unlock the doors and enter the castle.

That’s why, in the final end, in creating aromatic formulas, we take inspiration from Nature and from those who were and are connected to Nature’s wholeness. The best is to base aromatic synergies on ancient folk medicine, confirmed by modern Aromatherapy research and the experience of practitioners and users. This “blending” of ancient and modern seems to me the most reliable way for a powerful and effective plant medicine. And the most “modern” of medicine, the CAM (Complimentary Alternative Medicine) is about to understand what the ancient worlds of healing had known since the beginning of time: one can call it “quantum healing” – healing from the most subtle energy levels, pulsating in us and in the medicine we take.

We know it: We are all just radiant balls of energy. Energy pulsating everywhere throughout the Universe. All energy has a certain frequency of vibration, and this frequency is what determines the evolutionary steps we create in our life –and our healing. The good thing is to know that these frequencies or energies can be enhanced through positive thoughts, feelings, actions, diet… and essential oils.

It is the beauty and „destiny“ of humankind to rediscover in our time the amazing secrets not only of the human energy fields but of all energy fields stretching from the more physical to the most subtle realms of Creation. Once we as humans will be collectively aware of these basic forces or „energy fields“ and know how to consciously connect with them and enhance them, our planet will make a quantum leap in evolution in the direction of universal knowledge and harmony.

Man‘s position in the Universe will become more and more evident. Humanity will be capable to live in full accord with the laws of Nature.

Therefore: Let us – through the help of the Kingdom of plants – reconnect with the universal Spirit!

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