Aromatic Reflections for Moments of Crisis – Part 1


When we look at our lives today, individually and collectively…
When we have forgotten how much we are caught up in the matrix of habits, routines, conditionings, boredoms, stress…
Then something may appear from “nowhere“, pulling us by the nose ? making us jump up in panic, cutting the normal flow of things in a totally unpredictable way…

This is what is happening with the COVID-19 crisis. Sometimes, we need a wake-up call in the middle of the night that is electrifying enough to throw us out of the bed under the cold shower where – shuddering and shocked – we cannot but ask ourselves about something deeper – something about the meaning of our existence on Earth.

This is specifically happening in periods when human life is exposed to an overwhelming challenge of hectic change or increase of “wave excitation on the surface“ and when guiding directions are lacking. But the real call comes from the Universe! One of the  consequences of our “modern ways” is our alienation from Nature. The growing attraction to the metropolitan life style with its challenges of stress isolates the soul from its in-born, genetically anchored potential to fuse with Nature – and to remember from this contact essential spiritual values of life such as self-appreciation, inner silence, integration, acceptance…

The present crisis of our society in this light can be understood as a kind of collective “burn-out”. It is the result of an imbalance between the “inner” and “outer” directions of life whereby the thrust and “juice” of our human condition are lost in the fog of the matrix and its games and dictates of ignorance about the true values of our existence on Earth. Actually, rightly understood, humanity as a whole is passing through a very metaphysical moment in its history on Planet Earth. The great thing is that each of us is forced to ask new questions. But from where do we get the answers, if so much does not seem anymore available from the “out-trodden” pathways of education, religion, society, environment, yes: and also medicine….?

In the GAIA theory, GAIA, the Earth, is like a living, intelligent, self-regulating organism. The soil, the atmosphere, the oceans, the plants, animals, and humans are interconnected and form the “organs” of this being, the goddess of which is GAIA. When people or animals get sick, when their brains emit chaotic energies and their behaviour becomes destructive, GAIA sends them specific medicinal plants that are needed to restore harmony. The plants must play their specific role in the cycle of energy exchange among all living things. In this way, GAIA maintains universal homeostasis. Maybe the present crisis is a “GAIA medicine” – tough, but evolutionary…?

The following thoughts are meant as an invitation to better understand what Nature can offer us in terms of real rescue remedies from her own treasure house of time tested medicine from the Universe.

They DO help…

Medicinal plants and their essential oils can make us find practical help and balance in front of the challenges posed by the apparent chaos of our present situation. Since the beginning of time man has always tried to get in contact with the subtler energies governing plant life – be it through numerous techniques, such as shamanistic, ritualistic, yogic perfomances etc., be it through simply talking to plants, transmitting feelings such as gratitude, admiring them, adoring them, chanting to them, playing music for them… Plants were always held in high esteem by us humans. There is this ancient partnership of Plants and Man – the beauty of it is that we are rediscovering it today. And the plants are helping us…

The understanding of the subtler and therefore more powerful levels of life in the universe is the key for man to „decode“ the many secret languages of plants.  

It will give the whole human kind on Planet Earth – maybe for the first time in history – the possibility to establish a new kind of “fusion through knowledge” with the plant kingdom and through this reach nearer to the Cosmic Intelligence which governs all life forces in plant and man simultaneously. And with this, also a more systematic understanding of the subtle workings of the bio-chemistry of plants and particularly of their aromatic molecules is coming up today. This will make us gain increasingly powerful tools for applications in areas such as energy medicine, quantum healing, psycho-spiritual self-healing, etc. 

Essential oils are very helpful during times of stress. Their rich fragrant profiles unfold powerful curative properties and appease those who suffer from varying levels of anxiety, insomnia or burn-out. They boost self esteem, confidence, hope and give mental strength – and they efficiently work against depression. Many essential oils can be taken on a routine and regular doses and in times of despair can bring hope into our lives. Science shows that they awaken a higher frequency resonance in our energy system and invoke positive thoughts, spirituality and feelings of joy and happiness.

Essential oils being 100% natural „poly-molecular synergies“ can trigger many beneficial effects. They can be anti-inflammatory, anti-obstructive, mucolytic, anti-viral, anti-bacterial, anti-tuberculous, anti-fungal, regenerating for the epithel tissues, anti-cancer etc. There are over 12 000 independent research studies today on essential oils as therapeutic agents. It is worth looking at those which have to do with our present situation…

Here an example in “Protective essential oils attenuate influenza virus infection“, an article published by BMC Complementary Alternative  Medicine Nov. 15 2010.

“The lack of toxicity and potent specific viral inhibitory activity suggest essential oils may be helpful as a possible anti-viral drug for control and treatment of influenza virus infection. They could potentially be used as a non-toxic way to cleanse surfaces, or be dispersed to eliminate aerosolized virus particles in confined areas. Since the oils are currently used as a food supplement, also oral administration, once the pharmacokinetics are determined, may provide therapeutic benefit during infection. 

We have shown that virus treated with protective essential oils significantly decreased the number of released viral particles from infected MDCK (Madin-Darby Canine Kidney cells – a model mammalian cell line used in biomedical research)…

Taken together, we found an essential oil blend notably attenuates influenza virus PR8 infection in vitro via inhibition of viral protein synthesis at the post-transcription level. The lack of toxicity and potent specific inhibition ability make the essential oils a possible antiviral drug for influenza virus proliferation control and treatment.

It’s about breathing and smelling this time

The Covid-19 pandemic points “with a long finger“ at the potential use of essential oils for prevention and protection – yes, and even for healing if somebody is infected by the virus. Remember: in medicine of the respiratory system one of the numerous practical applications of essential oils are

Olfaction: Mainly via the nose directly to the brain
Inhalation: Mainly via the lungs into the blood

Both ways are very direct approaches to the body and give easy access not only to the bronchi and brain, but also influence the cardio-vascular system spontaneously. This is especially helpful for sensitive people for whom inhalation and smelling of essential oils is a safe and reliable method – often better than oral intake. And it is a very soothing way to cool down excitation on one side and help against fear and depression on the other side.

And not to forget: smelling and inhaling is energy – energy from Sun and Earth carried to us via the air and space elements. Aromatic olfaction is brain enhancement, central nervous system revitalization. Inside the brain is the whole universe of energy and healing. Olfactive experiences or “olfacto-therapy” with essential oils have shown countless times that we can even reprogram our thinking and feeling, naturally and spontaneously. Smelling is the first of our five senses that shows up in our „embryonic existence“. Smelling is the oldest “language” in the realm of life.  

Aromatherapy in this context means also to expose ourselves not only to an enhanced olfactive experience of an oil, but invite ourselves for a kind of “environmental reset“. It is very much through the sense of smell, through our nose and our lungs, that we continuously “inhale“ our surroundings – and change our moods, attitudes, feelings. And this is why in aromatherapy we can speak about an “energetic pharmacology“ (Jim Oschman). And in terms of olfaction it is not wrong to say: As much as  “we become what we think“ we also “become what we smell“.

It is so true to say that essential oils work like energizing filters protecting us and harmonizing the incoming impressions for a more positive state of body, mind and soul. And in the midst of our present problems particularly affecting the respiratory organs – which is a real crisis within the element of air and space – aromatherapy could and should be the nr. 1 answer for creating a protective environment everywhere around us. Is it not obvious to focus on those elements which best clear and clean our atmosphere, namely volatile micro- and nano-particles of medicinal plants in form of vapour of essential oils? And not only that they clean, they also create a protective state of our psychology at the same time – because they carry “emotional” principles with them…

Here you see an auric field change of a person after inhaling a citrus flower fragrance:

Img ref:

Essential oils are more than standard medicine 

Our immune system has learned certain strategies over time – genetically determined also, yes – but to some large degree in a kind of “challenge and response” situation. Which means: the more it has been exposed to problems, the greater became its flexibility and its strategies for defence. 

Often, like with the anti-biotics, through the help of new external agents our immune system displays modulated methods in situations of disease. Unfortunately, these methods often are only efficient for a certain length of time since the “enemy” learns to by-pass the new strategies. The test of time is different when it comes to pathologies. 

A growing number of infections have started to be harder to treat as a large number of standard antibiotics which were used to treat them became less effective. One of the problems of our allopathic medical approach is that it is based on a purely chemical, materialistic, and in most case “mono-molecular“ medicine. It leaves out the “quantum” level of real healing.

“Conventional allopathic medicine only emphasizes matter is affecting matter and therefore it’s focus is on drugs. Quantum mechanics has not yet been adopted by allopathic medicine for a simple reason: the business pursuits of the pharmaceutical industry do not want to have energy healing because it has no commercial value to them.

Bruce Lipton

Aromatherapy is first of all medicine of the energy fields available in the universe. The plants have absorbed powerful cosmic rays and give this energy to us humans to revitalize life in form of food, herbals, essential oils… In short: in form of “medicine of life” resonating within the biological and spiritual structures of all beings via a hidden network of connections of “intelligence from the beyond” (Prana).

Essential oils could and should be the major element for a “global action plan”. And this action plan has to be holistic, integrating all levels of the human being and his environment in a total alliance with and surrender to Mother Nature. We have to give up our arrogance that we know better than Nature! This concept is still lingering around in major circles of the society. Why are we so hesitant with medicine from Nature even in this so called Covid-19 pandemic? Nature has developed over millions of years her own strategies against countless germs, fungi, parasytes. Without these strategies evolution, yes, even life on Earth as a whole, would not have been possible.

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