Did you know that cancer cells know to smell?

…and that essential oils can find their way to them?

Scientists at the Ruhr University Bochum (Germany) under the direction of Prof. Hanns Hatt have discovered a while ago that cancer cells dispose of their own receptors for fragrances . This was published in the Journal Archives of Biochemistry and Biophysics. This research showed that if certain essential oils are brought into contact with, for instance, liver cancer cells, the growth of these can be stopped.

It has long been proved that essential oils have a highly positive effect on human health. And it is well known also that plants protect themselves with essential oils against the attack of fungi, bacteria, viruses and other pathogenic intruders. There is one specific molecule group in essential oils which seems to be the number one attack force in case of cancer, and that is the compound group of “terpenes”. Terpenes are a major molecular group occurring in numerous essential oils, very strongly specifically in Citrus oils such as Lemon, Grapefruit, Bergamot, Mandarin etc. and in the oils of Conifer trees such as Silver Fir, Black Spruce, Forest Pine, Balsam Fir etc.

Prof. Hatt and his team discovered a special molecular mechanism which hampered and even stopped the growth of cancer cells through the application of terpenes. The “triggering board” so to say for this is a smell receptor called OR1A2 which the mutated cancer cells carry on their cell membrane. “The liver can therefore “smell” the molecules of essential oils” as explains Prof. Hatt. “The cancer cells react to the terpenic molecules and stop their growth.”.

The scientist declared : “This finding throws light on the future of cancer prevention and milder forms of cancer therapies. They represent further evidence for the significance of smell receptors outside the nose and give hope to develop a new form of medicine with less side effects for cancer therapy” (The Huffington Post, May 16th, 2015).

Another interesting approach could come from the research of Prof. Fritz-Albert Popp (Germany). In his book Biologie des Lichts (Biology of Light) he hinted at the phenomenon of bio-photonic emission of light inherent in all living cells. More precisely he developed methods of measuring what he calls “ultra-weak coherent cell radiation”. The Russian scientists S. Stschurin, V. P. Kanznacheev and L. Michailowa have already proven in more than 5 000 experiments in the 1970’s that “all living cells transmit biological informations through photons, that is through light in the ultraviolet spectrum” (F. Popp, “Biologie des Lichts”, p. 38).

This ultra-weak cell luminescens is, according to Popp, responsible for x-thousands of processes of information exchanges in all living systems. When this cell radiation of “coherent light” is interrupted, disease starts leading, in the extreme case, to death. In case of cancer – according to Popp – the cells “disconnect” so to say from the normally omnipresent coherent ultra-weak light emission in the system.

Normal healthy cells transmit a steady uninterrupted flow of photons throughout the system. This flow undergoes sudden change “when a virus enters the cell : explosion of photonic radiation – silence – again explosion of photonic radiation – slow decrease of radiation in several waves until the death of the cell. That resembles nearly the screams of pain of an animal……….” (S. Stschurin, V. P. Kanznacheev und L. Michailowa, “Bild der Wissenschaft” Nr. 6, p. 2)

Can this activity of bio-photonic emission of the human cell system possibly be enhanced through the bio-photonic power of essential oils ? (see our last blog on the Miracle of Frangrant Light) Do we know what really happens when an essential oil like Oregano or Savory intervenes in the case of a viral attack and “does the trick” which an anti-biotic would not be able to do ?

Again: if we consider the presence of light in essential oils would it be wrong to suppose that – although not having a real cell structure -their inherent bio-luminescence is one of the factors in their molecular alchemy to counteract viral and bacterial influences from the quantum-level – and maybe also counteract cancer ?

We do not want to forget: essential oils are messengers of cosmic light radiating from sun, moon, and stars on to the medicinal plants of our planet. Essential oils are high-frequency molecules of enormous healing power.

In Sanskrit the word for medicinal plants “OSHADHI” the healing power of light is directly expressed. Oshadhi = carrier of “Ojas”, means “carrier of light and consciousness”. It is certain, that the seers of old knew that light is the “stuff of life” and that medicinal plants carry with them a precious inherent bio-luminiscence or – we would may be say today -“quantum messenger signals” which can help to assist us in our life against all kinds of ailments of the human specie.

Dr. Malte Hozzel

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