The Miracle of Fragrant Light

Essential oils are the result of biochemical transformations induced by Sun Light. As carriers of this light energy they are the most miraculous gifts of Nature. They restore balance on all levels of the human system, increase energy, change our moods, protect us against negativity…..and heal the most vicious diseases often not attainable by modern medicine. They have been used in a global ethnobotanical natural medicine handed down through ages by our world‘s ancestors, shamans, yogis, healers, seers, etc.

According to Valerie Ann Worwood in The Fragrant Heavens, “from a brain biochemistry point of view, the pursuit of spirituality through aroma makes a great deal of sense, as the mechanics of smell are but one short biological step away from consciousness, including higher consciousness. Thinking of it in terms of light, essential oils are captured light, passed from the heavens by plants to us. From vibrational electromagnetic and energetic point of view, essential oils are in Harmony in life. They resonate with us, as the vibration in one violin string can cause vibration in another. We hear the message they have to bring”.

With the modern research on Aromatherapy it is becoming evident that one large factor responsible for the multiple surprising healing effects of essential oils is that they are a more concentrated expression of the plant from which they stem. They have absorbed into their most subtle structure beyond the quantum level manifold positive cosmic energies of light.

Salvia in sunlight

When the influence of the sun penetrates into the flowers, fruits, or leaves, the general outcome will often be essential oils. When the same energy penetrates into the stem (wood) or into the root, the outcome can be essential oils, aromatic balms (i.e., Copaiva Balm, Perubalm, etc.) or resins (Myrrh, Frankincense, etc.).

Sun light simply underlies the totality of plant life creating the basis for photosynthesis, the “synthesis or combined transformation through light”.

Thanks to their chlorophyll plants act like photonic power blocks. Chlorophyll is the “master engineer“ in this process – capturing the energy of the Sun and transforming his light into biochemical energy. Photosynthesis can only happen when the cosmic energy of the Sun interacts with the plant‘s hidden molecular, atomic and quantum level structures in order to give rise to the manifold bio-chemical compounds which structure the materialized basis of all essential oils.

The plant creates essential oils with the help of the sun and will store them in specific glands serving as energy reservoirs – and which it will “consume” to a certain degree if it lacks Sun light due sudden climatic changes.

PS Aura
Oshadhi Palo Santo Oil Aura Field

This “photonic power” of plants is deeply absorbed by us humans when we use essential oils. They are materialized sun-energy for helping precious life processes to thrive in the Universe.

The “sunny” or radiant nature of essential oils is certainly a major reason why people feel so much attracted to aromatherapy today especially with our modern indoor-life-style.

Essential oils are marvellous allies of “fragrant light” for a new approach to self-healing through happiness and joy.

Dr. Malte Hozzel

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