Plants, Man and the Sun – the Magic Triangle for Life

Plants settled on planet Earth due to the birth-giving power of the SUN. …and Man settled on planet Earth due to the birth-giving power of the Plants. GAIA, our planet, contained the right mixture of light, size, matter, and energy to attract the invisible impulses of Life or „Prana“ and thus became one of the most miraculous hubs for evolution of life and consciousness in the Universe.

Plants, human beings, and the Sun are primordial partners in the evolution of life on earth. “In the beginning was the light“ – and this light led to the myriads expressions of life in the universe… These Combava fruits here with their essential oil and their juice are filled with Sunlight: the age-old mystery of photonic vibrations carrying the creative Intelligence of Spirit from energy to matter, from the invisible to the visible – eternal never-ending dance of life…

   …..and this Cedrat fruit (“Buddha’s Hand”) “dancing” not less      

Every living thing around us is made of light, bound, and packaged in different forms and vibrations. Physicists studying subatomic particles know that when you look deeply enough into the heart of matter, you find the entire universe is made up of vibration and light. Essential oils can transmit healing influences through their own connectedness with the cosmos. They can help us to get in contact with the subtle energy levels within ourselves and thus make us more aware of our own transcendental nature – they can open the windows of light because they are born from Light.

“Denying the ‘direct electromagnetic interactions among living molecules would be to deny the fundamental reaction upon which all life depends, namely the absorption of sunlight by green plants.”

(James Oschman  Energy Medicine – The Scientific Basis)

In every leaf, every fruit, every flower the Sun has taken shape and colour

Yes, and so beautifully refined, magically transformed – true alchemy of the Cosmos, of Spirit in Light to create the blue sky of the world and give food and oxygen to our planet – thanks to his „green breathing“ through eternities. Or as Vasant Lad, famous Ayurvedic physician, says so beautifully:

“Plants transmit the vital-emotional impulses, the life-force that is hidden in light. That is the gift, the grace, the power of plants…The existence of plants is a great offering, a sacrifice. They offer us not only their own nutritive value but the very light and love from the stars, from the cosmos whose messengers they are.”

(Vasant Lad „The Yoga of Herbs“)

Essential oils and fragrant particles are the very essence of plant life. Each plant has its own fragrance, its own emanation of energy, its own connection with the vibrations of the Cosmos. This means also: its own individuality, its own healing influence, its own particular connection with us as individuals. We enjoy this in concentrated form when we use essential oils.

When the influence of the sun penetrates into the flowers, fruits, or leaves, the general outcome will often be essential oils. When the same energy penetrates into the stem (wood) or into the root, the outcome can be

  • essential oils
  • aromatic balms (i.e., Copaiva Balm, Perubalm…)
  • resins (i.e. Myrrh, Frankincense, Benzoin, Elemi…..)

Again: The essence of all essential oils is their connection with the Sun. Already the Greek philosopher Theophrastos of Eresos wrote: „The best and the most fragrant of all curative elements comes from the sunny regions.“ No wonder that in especially sun-spoilt areas as for example in High Provence we find an abundance of aromatic medicinal plants, wild or cultivated. It is not rare that an organic farmer of the area will distill 20 – 30 different aromatic plants successively throughout the year.

Plants drink Sunlight like human beings. Without Sun there is no life. Not only that the Solar light gives rise to the photosynthetic processes, but in its rhythmic appearance during the day and its disappearance during the night it is interwoven into the polar structure of the Universe: breathing in – breathing out, reverse alternations of oxygen and carbon dioxide cycles…

…and alternations between the light of the Sun and the light of the Moon and Stars.

Of course, the quality of a plant depends on where it grows and on the climatic conditions. The presence as well as the volume of an essential oil in a plant depends entirely on Light. LI et al. studied in 1996 the amount of essential oils produced by Thyme, type thymol, and Sage under 15 %, 27 %, 45 % and 100 % exposure to Sun light. Their findings were not surprizing: the highest yield of essential oils and the percentage of thymol in Thyme oil or myrcene in Sage oil occurred in those plants which were exposed to maximum full Sunlight. (cf. “The genus Thyme”, E. Stahl-Biskup and F. Saez)

To say it again and again: Essential oils are liquid Sun energy. Each drop of them can nurture every cell in our body with 40.000 molecules of pure biophotonic energy. Let‘s rather say: with PRANA, the intelligent life force in the Universe. „Living molecules“ of volatile fragrance for enhancing vital energies in man. Yes, I must say:


Plant oils are complex

We can only smell with joy and admiration a Rose oil for example, and even more so when we know from science today that it contains up to 500 different aromatic compounds created in the flower over millions and millions of years. Any of these precious molecules we want in Aromatherapy. Any of them has been either created in the plant or emerged during distillation and we trust that Nature knows best why and how… The complexity of this intrinsic balance of compounds defines the special healing effects of the plant and its oil on all levels – physiological, psychological, spiritual… And each of these compounds: a miracle in itself of specific healing impulses for our body, mind, and soul. And still, we have to say: Most of Nature‘s „biomolecules“ have not been analyzed yet and are far from being understood in terms of their multiple healing virtues. Nor have they even been vaguely grasped in the context of their most complex synergistic or combined “alchemical” effects.

Preparing the “fragrant Medicine of Light” of the 3rd millennium in High Provence

And we want the pure oil with all its natural compounds – nothing added, nothing taken away! The famous French aromatherapist René Gattefossé made it clear (for example) that Spike Lavender oil, adulterated with Turpentine oil (which had become a common practice during his time) completely lost its wound healing properties. Veterinaries complained that the animals they tried to cure only showed itching and eczema after the treatment, whereas pure Spike oil helped spontaneous healing of wounds, fur growth happened fast, scabies and tinea disappeared in no time. Is this surprising? Not only that the Turpentines added to the Spike oil are rather skin-irritating compounds, but – in this case – they diluted the holistic complexity of the Spike Lavender oil to such an extent that it was no longer effective.

Of course, essential oils are material (biochemical) structures, and they contain often hundreds of retraceable biochemical compounds in synergistic blends, time-tested by Nature over millions of years, as we have seen. But inside these material structures, we can find an amazing array of subtle energies which we absorb when we expose ourselves to them. And these energies are attracted to their corresponding levels inside our own system where real health (or disease) starts, namely our own network of energy channels, the famous Meridians (TCM) or Nadis (Ayurveda). And this is the aspect in essential oils that has to do, not only with biochemistry but with the high presence of the akashic or the 5th element in their structure – expressed beautifully in their high volatility. We can also say: Essential oils in their intrinsic fragrant-volatile make-up and their special relation to the Sun are carriers of Prana, intelligent cosmic Light energy. And with Prana – and pranic energy if rightly administered – we should be able to overcome any form of disease. „Living molecules of Light” I like to call them, made by the Universe to enhance vital energies in man.

A “go-beyond principle” is everywhere in Nature

In terms of alchemistic or anthroposophical understanding, we can say: In the essential oil with the help of the cosmic element of heat and light – in Vedic understanding through the principle of “Agni” – the plant creates its specific physical structure. But as every living being on Earth, it also wants to go beyond its physical form. No wonder that this happens – according to Rudolf Steiner – particularly through the floral process in the plant, the SULFUR principle in Alchemy. All essential oils have their origin in this “self-transcending” dynamics of the flower with its double vector of procreative and at the same time astral energy. We can say: Every physical structure tries to return back to its origin in the transcendental akasha from where it has started its “journey” into manifestation. Again Rudolf Steiner:

„And because the activity from which scent arises exists in its most concentrated form in Sulfur, we would be right to follow the medical terminology of the past and call the spiritual extractive principle in the plant through which scent arises the ‚Sulfur principle in the plant‘ a principle that causes longing to arise in the elemental spirits“

(Rudof Steiner – cf. „6 meditations for physicians“ –

hands holding the sun at dawn

Sun, Moon, and Starlight: the universal „mitochondria“ of the worlds – vibrating in every nerve, every fiber of life – memory of the first impulses of creation through all eternities.

A plant becomes medicinal because it has in a very special genus – and species-dependent way absorbed Cosmic light, visible and invisible. And since all essential oils are directly linked to the vibrant light of Sun, Moon, and Stars, to the Earth‘s atmosphere of Oxygen, Nitrogen, and Carbon-Dioxide (CO2) – and to the healing ground of Mother Earth their curative effect on human beings is immense. But behind these measurable solar, lunar, and stellar energy fields with their different wave lengths and radiations we have to consider the subtle healing energy fields of Prana, Qi, or Inner Light which express themselves beyond subatomic levels within human physiology. Certain areas or “organs” in the human body act as transition fields or transmitters of this Inner Light and make it “receivable” on the level of physiology. The Pineal gland, for example, the Medulla, the cerebrospinal “Tree of Life” or Kundalini, the Nadis, etc. are all major agents for the transmission of this cosmic energy flow into the body.

And if we speak today of “biophotonic emission” (coherent cellular light emission) in human physiology on one side we have to look further into the human being as endowed with the capacity to capture cosmic energies and transmit them onto our vibrating inner energy channels. It is from here that we can maintain a healthy functioning of the organism by means of raising our internal frequency bands – and thereby also reconcile the specific polar structure of the human being. The ultra-weak cell-luminescence in living systems, discovered by scientists like Prof. F.A. Popp and others hints at the body’s hidden quantum field structure. In essence this structure is built and maintained by Light. And its “agents” are the so-called “biophotons” which our system integrates through exposure to Light and through absorption of healthy “sun-fed” plant food (particularly green food) and plant medicine, particularly essential oils.

But the human system can even “produce” bio-photonic light on its own… Recent science has discovered bio-photons in the brain that could hint that our consciousness is directly linked to light. Scientists found that neurons in mammalian brains were capable of producing photons of light, or “bio-photons”! The photons, strangely enough, appear within the visible spectrum. They range from near-infrared through violet, or between 200 and 1,300 nanometres. And as already proven by Prof. Popp, there is this exciting idea that our brain’s neurons communicate through light. Scientists suspect that our brain might have “optical communication channels”, but they have no idea what could be communicated. And even more exciting, they claim that if there is an optical communication happening, the bio-photons which our brains produce might be affected by quantum entanglement, meaning there can be a strong link between these photons, our consciousness and possibly what many cultures and religions refer to as Spirit.

( hint-consciousness-light/)

So then, let the light come in!

Fruits of Light

In the Hesperidia group (Citrus) the Sunlight is captured over long months between summer to winter on the level of the rind or „peel“ of the fruit. Citrus fruits absorb Sunlight until the end of January/ February in the Mediterranean regions!! The “biochemistry of light” plays a major role in this group. In the case of the Citrus genus, the essential oils are stored mainly on the outer sphere of the fruit which is directly touched by the light of the Sun. In the Citrus fruits and their oils, says Wilhelm Pelikan, “the aromatic process is no longer subtly perfuming and intoxicating as in the flower, nor oscillating, suspended as in the leaves, but refreshing, revitalizing, it makes man more conscious” Anthroposophy, Wilhelm Pelikan

In Ayurvedic terms, this is the influence of AGNI, the omnipresent „cosmic fire“, present in man, the life force and organizer of intelligence in matter. And the perfume of a plant and its essential oils are an echo of the different characters or qualities of cosmic light or heat, each fragrance representing a “colour” of the heat spectrum available on Mother Earth. If we take the Bergamot oil from Calabria/Southern Italy it is the specific light spectrum of this area together with the specific telluric quality of the volcanic soil which gives this Bergamot oil its unparalled richness and aroma. Generally spoken, as explained beautifully also by Anthroposophy, towards the polar areas the sun’s radiation maintains a maximum of cosmic purity. Towards the tropics, his radiation becomes more “earthly”. In the sub-tropical areas where Bergamot is “at home,” we find a balance between the tropical and the polar tendencies. According to anthroposophic understanding, the Sun has 3 major „latitudinal“qualities, which express themselves best in 3 different groups of essential oils.

  1. The tropical Sun, best expressed in oils of resins and balms like Frankincense, Myrrh,    Styrax, Opoponax, Elemi, Copaiba, Peru balm, Benzoin, Palo Santo, Breu Branco, etc.
  2. The far Northern/far Southern Sun, best expressed in the Conifer group with their numerous essential oils such as Silver Fir, Black Spruce, Scots Pine, Douglas Fir, Hemlock Fir, Patagonia Pine, etc.
  3. And the subtropical Sun, best expressed (literally „ex-pressed“ J) in the Citrus group with their essential oils such as Bergamot, Lime, Lemon, Orange, bitter Orange, Grapefruit, Mandarin, Kaffir Lime (Combava), etc.

This last group is more inclined to balance the two other extremes. And the richness of aromatic plants under this influence we can see expressed around the Mediterranean flora. Therefore, to resume: the evolution of plants and their specific essential oils correspond to patterns of diversified radiation of sunlight according to seasons, stellar positions, latitudes, etc. A Bergamot oil from Brazil cannot have the same character as the one from Reggio di Calabria in Southern Italy…

But also the altitude at which a plant grows has a strong impact on its perfume and biochemical structure. A typical example we find again in High Provence where the soft or sweet Thyme (type geraniol, linalool) grows on higher altitudes which receive more ultraviolet radiation whereas the pungent thyme (type thymol) grows on lower altitudes which receive more infrared Sunlight. Sometimes these plants just grow not more than 2 miles away from each other, just separated by altitude but – although being from the same species – present a completely different biochemical build-up and odour profile. Even whether exposure of the plants in Mountain areas is more to the East or more to the West can play a certain role. I noticed in High Provence on an outing from our Seminar Center that wild Helichrysum grew more abundantly on Eastern than on Western roadsides…

Under this perspective ALL essential oils are the direct result of a strong ordering, balancing process which stems from the specific thermic or solar influence onto the plant. How this really happens, we have no idea. Spiritual scientists and visionaries could tell us more about this. Rudolf Steiner has specifically associated the Citrus genus (Rutaceae family) with the sub-tropical Sun and its warming life uplifting, joyful nature. In the meantime, Science has confirmed the anti-depressive action of Citrus oils, specifically Bergamot, on the human psyche.

Steiner and his successors have often spoken also of the intrinsic property of the Citrus fruits and their oils to organize life by means of their capacity to harmonize what they call the “chaotic tendencies”, present in Nature. In this sense, the Citrus group helps to infuse an element of order, of consciousness or intelligence “capturing forcefully the cosmic energies of light and fire, making them earthly.” and – on the other hand – “drawing the telluric processes into a centrifugal growth…” (Rudolf Steiner)

In terms of this understanding, it is again the ever-lasting game of the “above-and-below” principle which comes into play. Light from “above” down into matter (physiology), actually to make matter “happen”, to create matter, and then, next step (simultaneously): “centrifugal growth” of matter, matter does not remain inert, but “grows”, is lighted up, becomes imbibed with life, intelligence, consciousness. The vortex of creation is never at a standstill…

And the thermic energies of the cosmos (sunlight, moonlight, starlight – and more than that) first act upon the “thermic organism” in human physiology and its spiritual counterpart which organizes and directs it, is the inner Self or the “inner Light” or Atma. If plants fulfill the task of converting light into life, human beings foremost are given the task of transforming life into conscious awareness, a realization showing and experiencing that there is no separation between the inner and the outer, between Spirit and matter. The outer sun functions as a source of light and life. Our soul, the true self or Atma, acts as our inner sun through the activities of our nervous system and our energy circuits. Both suns – inner and outer – communicate and nourish each other so that we can evolve through the union between them.

The “sunny” nature of essential oils, specifically of the Citrus oils group, is certainly one reason why people feel so much more attracted to aromatherapy in the Northern countries and even more so during the long winter months. The strong use of Citrus and specifically Bergamot oils in the perfumery and food industry (i.e. Earl Grey Tea, Greek candies, cookies, etc.), but also particularly in aromatherapy, has certainly to do with the “sunny” and “joyful” character of this group. Their highly charming odour profiles and their refreshing, revitalizing properties make them most popular. They have given rise to countless formulas, many of them extremely helpful to alleviate stress, nervous exhaustion, depression, and other problems originating from these.

With its rich biochemical profile, Bergamot oil is an effective anti-stress remedy and anti-depressant. It has good sedating as well as tonifying, revitalizing properties, and it helps also against insomnia and burnout syndrome. Interesting is also to mention more recent research on Bergamot and neuro-blastoma cancer, an aggressive type of cancer that occurs in connection with the nervous system.

“Bergamot essential oil has been found to inhibit the survival and proliferation of SH-SY5Y neuroblastoma cells, (Celia et al., 2013) through the activation of multiple pathways leading to both necrotic and apoptotic cell death (Ursino et al., 2010). Moreover, Russo et al. (2013) showed that association of limonene and linalyl acetate, but not the exposure to the single compounds, caused significant cytotoxicity, suggesting for a major role of the combined action of these monoterpenes in cancer cell death induced by Bergamot essential oil. This suggests for a major role of the combined action of essential oils compounds in cancer cell death.” (

If we take this area as part of the nervous system and of consciousness, maybe there is a connection with the “biochemistry of light” so strongly present in the Citrus group… It is also good to use Bergamot as ambient oil for room fragrancing in a diffuser at any time of the day, especially during winter when one may also take advantage of its anti-bacterial properties. Bergamot’s character is warming, softening and strengthening the inner fire of the heart. Let me conclude with 2 experiences here on the “Sun radiator” oils:


“I bought Roman Chamomile, Bergamot, Lemongrass and Orange Sweet. On days when I need to uplift my spirit, I use either Bergamot or Orange sweet with a diffuser to help brighten up a dreary day. Roman Chamomile works wonders on the acne and blemish skin. Overall I’m very happy with these organic products.”

Beng Hui from Singapore

“My name is Richelle and I suffer from anxiety and stress. I have been trying to relieve my stressors and anxiety by going to counselling, exercising and many other methods. Most did help, but I noticed that I had suffered from stress and anxiety mainly when I was at work… I found my anxiety, on some days, was out of control… I received great information about many different aromas. The one that caught my attention was Bergamot. I was very hesitant at first to try this type of therapy… I have been using the Bergamot and noticed such a difference in my mood. When I feel that I am in a stressful situation, I take some deep breaths of the Bergamot and my mood shifts to a calm feeling and my anxiety starts to disappear.”

Richelle – New Mexico

Citrus fruits and their oils are definitely very special storehouses of energy and light on our planet. And as said indicated before, the fruits have a long phase of maturing between spring and winter depending on the variety and growing conditions. So, they pick up on their peel during up to 10 months different seasonal light energies from the Cosmos, transform these into life energy through a special metabolic process induced by their photosynthetic ingenuity and then… we just have to “squeeze” them a bit :):), not even necessarily distil, to receive their beautiful aromatic treasure. But also all the other aromatic plants follow in their own mode this aromatic pathway between Light and matter, above and below… Liquefied jewels they are, and all living beings not only benefit from them but are totally dependent on this “cosmic” exchange: fragrant gifts from the heart of the Universe, radiant and full on a healing hand of Light!

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