Spring Detox with Aromatherapy

Now, that spring has arrived in the northern hemisphere, and fall in the southern hemisphere, it is the ideal time for a detoxification.

Practised for centuries by cultures around the world — including Ayurvedic and Chinese medicine systems — detoxification is about resting, cleaning and nourishing the body from the inside out. By removing and eliminating toxins, then feeding your body with healthy nutrients, detoxifying can help protect you from disease and renew your ability to maintain optimum health.

Detoxification is a natural and constant bodily process. We are continually eliminating excess toxins through our digestive, urinary, circulatory, respiratory, and lymphatic systems – and through the largest organ of our body : the skin.

Human bodies are designed to eliminate toxins that are naturally occurring, but with our modern dietary habits, we have been increasingly bombarded with new toxins stemming from denatured foods and drinks, from regular use of intoxicants such as alcohol and cigarettes, from pesticides herbicides and artificial fertilizers in agriculture, from countless petroleum derived products, air and water pollutants, etc. All this leads to growing problems of our modern civilization and adds to the already manifold existing challenges of our daily life. Why are we still surprised that we feel so often fatigued although we have slept well, heavy with our digestion, wearisome in our minds? We need to empower the body to rid itself from accumulated toxins – and this regularly! Gas in the bowels, bad breath, catching cold too easily, hormonal imbalances, skin problems, poor circulation, mood swings, depression, mucus build-up…All this and more are clear signals of toxic overload which needs to be taken care of if we want to avoid the more severe problems, namely chronic diseases such as cancer diabetes, circulatory problems and others.

Like herbs, essential oils from medicinal plants can be powerful helpers in the detoxification process. They are by nature intrinsic purifiers since the plants use them as such and to defend themselves against various aggressors like viruses, bacteria, fungi and parasites. It is true: Essential oils can relieve us from a large variety of common ailments by assisting the body in ridding itself of dangerous toxins. When used in conjunction with a dietary and herbal detoxification, they complement the holistic, natural cleaning process.

Entering the bloodstream through the pores of our skin via massage in combination with selected vegetal oils, essential oils are carried to all parts of the body via the circulatory and lymphatic systems. But also inhalation with selected oils or mere smelling can have already an immediate effect of detoxification via the respiratory system. Scientists have proved that essential oils are chemically very complex.

It is this wonderful “alchemical” richness of their compounds which – if kept pure and not adulterated – will have a direct healing and purifying effect on our body, mind and spirit (see the writings of the very famous aromatherapist Candace Pert).

Detox with essential oils

You can use Lovage and Celery essential oils which are particularly strong detox “activators” because of their high phtalides concentration well known for their capacity to strengthen kidney and liver functions. Both these oils blend well with other detoxifying oils like Juniper berry, specially interesting for the kidneys and the lymphatic system Rosemary Verbenon and Greenlandish Moss (Ledum) – liver stimulating – or Lemon and Grapefruit – regenerative, enlivening, circulatory system, liver.

This is just 1 combination among many other possibilities, but which will give you a suggestion for a very powerful detoxifying treatment.

Here is a detox recipe proposed by Aude Maillard :

  • Carrot seed: 0.6 ml (20 drops)

  • Lovage: 0.6 ml (20 drops)

  • Peppermint: 0.6 ml (20 drops)

  • Rosemary verbenon: 1 ml (40 drops)

  • Lemon: 1 ml (40 drops)

Take 2 drops of this synergy in the morning and in the evening mixed with honey or a carrier oil (olive oil, sun flower oil, etc.) during 2 to 3 weeks. Try to avoid long sun exposure during that time.

How to make an essential oil detox ?

Essential Oils are highly concentrated, so you must use caution when you ingest them and have to be sure that there are no contraindications to ingest them.  

What we suggest for your essential oil detox is to take 1 to 2 drops of your “detox synergy” in one tea spoon of honey or any carrier oil of your choice, 2 times a day.

Detox with Hydrolat

Easy to use and very well tolerated by the physiology, hydrolats can be ingested more generously. It is possible to use just one hydrolat, but it is also very interesting to blend Hydrolats into a synergy (See our blog « The Power of the Many »). 

The five following hydrolats are very well known to activate the detoxifying functions of the body :

  • Carrot Seed Hydrolat – Daucus carota: Regenerating hydrolat for the liver, Carrot Hydrolat cleanses and stimulates the liver, the gallbladder and the kidneys. Tonic, restorative and detoxifying, it helps the body to adapt to the change of seasons.

  • Greenlandish Moss Hydrolat – Ledum groenlandicum: By steam distillation of the leaves one obtains a very powerful purifying hydrolat. Ledum is used specifically for its detoxifying and cleansing properties and for regenerating the liver. It is also of great help in case of food intoxication and for a regenerative and cleansing treatment of the pancreas. Ledum hydrolat has a very singular taste (strong and resinous), but as it is so concentrated you can use half of the usual volume in you preparations.

  • Rosemary Verbernon – Rosmarinus officinalis CT verbenon: This hydrolat helps to protect and regenerate liver cells. It enhances the digestive capacity as it stimulates hepato-biliary functions. According to Chinese medicine, spring is the best moment to drink Rosemary Hydrolate because this the season when the liver is in lack of energy.

  • Juniper Hydrolat – Juniperus communis: Life force symbol, Juniper is very efficient to strengthen the renal function, particularly in case of renal congestion. Juniper hydrolat is often used for its detoxifying effects and against water retention. One can also use it in case of cellulite, and for weight loss.

  • Helichrysum Hydrolat – Helichrysum italicum: Blood cleanser, pancreas and gallbladder activator, it help to remove toxins from the body. It also activates lymph and blood circulation. Helichrysum hydrolat works wonders against circulation problems and water retention.

How to make a Hydrolat Detox ?

A hydrolat cure for detox can be easily followed during 15 to 20 days. You can use your hydrolat in two different ways:

  • As a flavoured water: add 1 tablespoon of hydrolat (remember if you use Ledum hydrolat you can use 1/2 tablespoon) to 1 L of water. Drink it throughout the day.

  • With hot water: mix 1 teaspoon of hydrolat with a cup of hot water. Drink from the cup 3 times a day

A very gentle but powerful way to use essential oils for detox is through massage or in the bath.

Massage and bath oil detox

The following recipe is one that will support the detoxification of your body and should be diluted into 100ml of your preferred Carrier Oil:

  • Grapefruit Essential Oil: 10 drops

  • Juniper Berry Essential Oil: 5 drops

  • Helichrysum Essential Oil: 4 drops

  • Lemon Essential Oil: 3 drops

  • Rosemary Essential Oil: 3 drops

  • Laurel Essential Oil: 2 drops

  • Peppermint Essential Oil: 1 drop

When used as a massage oil, it is best to avoid direct sunlight as Citrus essential oils can cause sun-sensitivity.  You can also try mixing this solution with 2 cups of Epsom Salts and add to your bathwater for an even greater detoxification experience.

With these wonderful healing allies of Nature you will get rejuvenated in body, mind and spirit – and you will feel fresh and fit to breathe in the light of the rising Sun and live this beautiful spring season in full delight!

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