LEMON oil – luminous radiance for the soul

With its fresh and fruity fragrance the Lemon oil reminds us of Mediterranean orchards under a blue sky and a soft breeze from the ocean. Its luminous, volatile-etheric character mobilizes our energies, relaxes and sharpens the mind, and opens the heart. The essential oil stems from cold pressed ripe Lemons with most of it present in the glands within the peel and the cuticles of the fruit. As a result of cold pressing one obtains a watery emulsion of juice, essential oil, fruit particles and water. By means of centrifugation the essential oil is then separated from the other substances….

Cardamom – Healthy Breathing, Healthy Feeding

Cardamom is a perennial plant and grows up to 2-3 metres in height. It has white flowers with reddish stripes in the centre. The fruit capsules (pods) grow near the ground and contain the seeds which are used as spice. They are gathered before they are ripe to prevent bursting during the drying process which would lead to loss of the essential oil. The essential oil is gained through steam-distillation of the seeds. The main producing country today is Guatemala where Cardamom cultivation has been introduced in the last century and where most of it is grown for export as spice…

Ginger – An Ancient Universal Healer

The name Ginger stems from the Sanskrit word “shringan” meaning “horn of a dear”. It refers to the special form of the Ginger rhizomes which have been used in Asian cooking and medicine over thousands of years. Ginger has abundantly been used since old in the Ayurvedic kitchen of India. Confuzius has already praised the virtues of Ginger in China long before the Christian era. In the middle ages Ginger was used for brewing beer and as a spice in certain dishes for the more prosperous people. It is definitely known to the Western world since at least 2 000 years….