Heal Yourself With Nature

Aromatherapy, with its essential oils, is becoming increasingly popular; not only in the realm of personal well-being but also in scientific communities worldwide. There is this marvelous depth in essential oils, linking them on the one hand to ancient folk-medicine and profound understanding of the subtle aspects of life and healing, whilst on the other hand inviting us to discover the most rigorous scientific and medical comprehension of their uncountable effects.

Despite aromatherapy being an ancient practice, it is also modern and very much relevant in today’s society, providing us with remedies to modern-day diseases, ceiling immediate results. And – not to forget – aromatherapy can be easily scientifically verified, Essential oils are truly Nature’s healing hand. They are both material substances and subtle energies. They are “living molecules”.

Their vegetal carriers-dependant on soil and air, day and night, the seasonal rhythms, and their intrinsic openness to solar, lunar, and stellar radiations – have absorbed both powerful terrestrial and cosmic influences. These influences then disperse themselves into the core of the physical/chemical and the subtle/hidden structure of essential oils. They define the very fingerprint of their healing energy.

As Vasant Lad, the famous Ayurvedic expert explains: “Plants transmit the vital-emotional impulses, the life-force that is hidden in light. That is the gift, the grace, the power of plants… The existence of plants is a great offering, a sacrifice. They offer us not only their own nutritive value but the very light and love from the stars, from the cosmos whose messengers they are.” (Vasant Lad, “The Yoga of Herbs”).

Holistic versus isolated

Essential oils are linked to “cumulated vital energy”. Not only do they successfully fight off microbes of many kinds without unwanted side-effects, but they have the properties to strengthen the milieu at the same time. Since they are also energy reservoirs of plants, they can serve us directly and instantly to vitalize our body, mind, and soul. Any one of the numerous compounds of an essential oil contributes to its healing properties. That is what “holistic” and “natural” mean in contrast to the isolated molecules of modern medicine.

Rose oil contains up to 500 different compounds, Lavender not much less. Every single compound is needed in medical Aromatherapy. Any of the compounds has been either created in the plant or has emerged during distillation and we trust that Nature knows best, why, and how. The complexity of this intrinsic balance of compounds defines the special healing effects of the plant or its oil. They all pertain to its special energy field transmittable to the human organism. And they match with the “body-mind” filling up specific “energy holes” in a subtle way, fitting into these holes like key and lock.

We are experiencing a new era of natural medicine as an answer to the failures of the modern allopathic approach and of the modern lifestyle. It is the “organic” versus the non-organic, the holistic versus the isolative, the human versus the techno-chemical. This era leads us to new understandings of health, environment, social ethics, nutrition, spirit, cosmos, God.

In terms of health, we are entering the age of self-healing. That is one of the reasons why essential oils are having such incredible success in the world of today. They are easy to use, easy to transport, pleasant in their appearance and smell, practical to give away, and to share tremendously exciting to experience.

There is an increasing interest and desire to learn more about nature, and a collective feeling that there is so much more to discover. This is true science, which comes from the Latin word “scire” meaning: “to know”. The new scientists of today are the ones who work in the laboratory of their own body-mind trying to know by themselves.

They create health inside and outside of themselves because they rediscover the meaning of balance, self-care, responsibility and commitment to the higher goals of human evolution. They use Nature as a partner, not as an element to fight against and to subdue.

This is what true medicine has always been: The cumulative data of experience of mankind, advancing in togetherness as if one single collective being. As Blaise Pascal, the famous mathematician and philosopher once put it: “as if all the sequences of generations through the centuries could be looked upon as ONE human being, who continues to live and always continues to learn.”

The importance of purity

In Aromatherapy purity and quality is paramount. Pure and unadulterated essential oils are our allies on the path to optimal physical well-being and happiness. Pure essential oils reflect the vitality and inspire enthusiasm and love for energy medicine in a new era of deeper plant awareness and self-healing.

Essential oils are the expression of the highest intelligence of Nature, the aromatic plants will help us to rise in strength, to recover health if it is lost and to make our lives, individually and collectively, more comfortable and more in tune with the heartbeat of the Universe.

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